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Day 3: My Kids Couture

December 13, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Christmas

Over the weekend, I travelled to Nakuru for an extended family gathering that was taking place at my folks house. It was just myself and the younger one, Xia. The older one -Xena- and the dad were in Mombasa for a friend’s ruracio (traditional dowry paying ceremony). Xena came back fatter and darker, an obvious testimony to how much fun she had indulging in sea food  (which she’s crazy about) and spending time at the beach and in the pool. For someone who doesn’t like eating, trust me, Xena’s obsession with seafood is on another level.

Back at home in Nakuru, I noticed the house was missing something. The Christmas tree was not up. I asked my dad if age was catching up with him (he’s 69 by the way) because growing up, putting up the Christmas tree was a ritual we would never forego and all of us had to participate in it. The boys (my big bro and him) would pluck the pine tree from the garden and the rest of us would help decorate it, sticking cotton balls for snow, hanging Christmas cards (why did people stop sending them?) and fixing the fairy lights and other decor.

“It’s only the 8th of December Joy. The tree goes up on the 23rd. Have you forgotten?” He said to me in response to my question.
I told him that in Nairobi, we put up our tree in the last week of November because by then, all the malls and major restaurants have them so one feels pressured. I went ahead to show him a picture of our Christmas tree back at home and he let out a roaring laugh.

“What’s funny?” I asked him.

“This is not a real tree.” He said.

“Of course it’s not real. We bought it for a tonne of cash two years ago at Nakumatt.” I said.
I told him that much as we were proud of our investment,  I wished I could get a live tree in Nairobi. See, I grew up on a farm in Njoro which was a sprawling green oasis fringed by tall trees. As a child, I was not exactly fond of the farm life (I will tell you this story in January) but now I wish I could relieve those days. Except that the farm is no longer there.

I remember a while ago hanging out at a friend’s place, then some of his friends who had just relocated to Nairobi from the USA inquired where they could buy a live tree.

“Welcome to Nairobi.” My friend had said to them with a laugh. “Just be content with the fake ones. At least invest in a good one that you can use for years.”

A number of my readers recently asked for tips on where to buy Christmas trees in Nairobi. Obviously, Nakumatt is no longer operational but I found out a few other places with beautiful trees. Palacina Interiors on Lenana Road and at The Junction stocks really gorgeous ones. In fact, when we were shopping for one years back, we were impressed by the ones at Palacina but they were too expensive. Carrefour also stocks them at a much more reasonable price and they have this amazing decor that may make you want to burst your savings.

For today’s giveaway, you get a chance to win stunning kids clothes from .  I love how Xena’s hooded micro performance fleece poncho (Ksh 1,500) is redolent of the Christmas mood. What she’s wearing at the bottom may look like a skirt but it’s actually a combination of shorts and skirt which I learnt is called a skort (Ksh 2,100). As for Xia, I decided to dress her in boyish sweater (Ksh .2,000) now that we don’t have any male model in our house, but then I realised she rocked it so well so it might as well be unisex. The patched sweater and jeans (Ksh 1,850) should be closet staples for any fashionable child.

For the duration of this campaign (until the 23rd of December), you have a chance to shop on at a 40% discount so you have no reason not to get your kids party ready!! Take advantage of the offer and get Xena’s entire look for Ksh 2,160 and Xia’s for Ksh 2,310 (excluding the shoes). To order, call the number on the website or send a Whatsapp message.

And finally, for today’s giveaway, one of you gets to win a Ksh 10,000 voucher from Simply drop a comment below telling us why you deserve to win, make sure you are subscribed to this blog and follow both my Instagram and mykidscouture Instagram account.

Happy winning and see you here tomorrow at 6:00am for the next giveaway!

 Lilmissbelle- Christmas  Lilmissbelle- Christmas  Lilmissbelle- Christmas  Lilmissbelle- Christmas  Lilmissbelle- Christmas  Lilmissbelle- Christmas  Lilmissbelle- Christmas  Lilmissbelle- Christmas  Lilmissbelle- Christmas



Ya’ll are amazing mothers, sisters and friends going by how much you wanna see your babies or those of your loved ones look glamorous this Christmas. Obviously, this one was a really hard one evidenced by how long it has taken me to make a decision. Our winner is Eunice from Njoro. May you have fun dressing up your daughter and your niece and may things work out for you in the coming year. Congratulations and get in touch with me on All is not lost for the rest of you as you can shop on at a 40% discount up to the 23rd of Dec. Thank you for participating in the giveaway.

Muli Lyn

Your girks surely look beautiful and amazing …..i cant stop admiring them and hoping my three month daughter will turn out to be amazing like them.The voucher we really come handy for my baby girl as it will be her first christmas….i can only imagine her contagious smile as shes dressed up by kids courture


Woow….as I read through all the reasons to win this…am beaten hands down….but why I would want my Neema two years this year, to win this…she has endured mommy being away so much this year with all the pressures of work am a cop…and this year has been crazy. So winning this would just a little bit make it up to her.

ann karegi

I have a 5 year old son whose store bought clothes cost 3 times mine,so most of the times i end up buying thrifted clothes to save on some coins and because they are trendy,con side of his age and size at the moment is he is in the middle of sizes so either i buy something big or small. I’d love to try out #myidscouture and buy him some trendy fitting clothes for him and its the Christmas season he needs new clothes

Jacinta mueni

Hello..ur girls are rocking. They look so sweet.i think i deserve to win because this Christmas am so a family we have had to spend alot on my mums medication whose has a problem with kidney and shes down with depression.its also been hard as my brother and sister are graduating 15 and 22 respectively so am between a babies keep on reminding me of their clothes am sure this win will be great to me and them.good evening


Hi lil miss belle.
I love your blogs. And your babies are adorable.
I would like to win the voucher for my baby boy who is 2 years now because am a young mum. I fully depend on my parents for my baby’s welfare and well being. As a mum, everywhere you go, whether the mall or just town, your eyes automatically see baby stuff, toys or clothes, and you wish you could get something nice for them, and am never able to because am fully at home with my son.
I really would wish to get the voucher from kids baby couture for my son this Christmas because I’d really love to see him in the cute baby wear, and for once get such kind of clothes of great quality and a sight to behold.
I would really be grateful.


My princesses Simran n Harleen are almost the same age as your Xena n Xia and Iv always wanted to try the Kids’couture (learnt about them through your blog only and they have lovely selection) for my gals shoping… Maybe this gateway wil take me there… Coz i do my gals’ shoping from Nairobi only though I reside in Kisumu as no wide choices here… Winning this gateway wil be a great Christmas gift for my girls from their mummy!!! Advance Merry Christmas to one n all!!! Much 😍

Maryanne Ninga

I think I deserve to win because I would like to take my son to a professional photoshoot, well dressed by I havapplyeied to be featured in a magazine and talk about my story being a proud first time mum and single handedly raising my boy and encourage somebody out there. My son turned two months yesterday and he is of mixed race. Very handsome, Always bubbly, with an infectious smile. To add to that I can almost say that he is photophotogenic. I hope to win this.

Ruby valentina

Hi, happy holidays.
My daughter turns 2 in January, this should be her 2nd christmas but unfortunately, last year I was going through so much, lost my job, my house, got diagnosed with hypertension, depression.. But 2017 has been kind. I didn’t have a chance to celebrate christmas last year but I want my baby to have an amazing one this year😊😊😊


Yeeeah I have been looking forward to today’s giveaway.My daughter will be turning one on 19th and being a single mum without a job I have to entirely depend on my family to support me and my little one. I would really love to win this voucher from kids couture so that I can get her cute outfits for her birthday which will double up as Christmas presents#lilmissbelle12daysofchristmas


oh my goooooosh .. now this feels like the one to participate in. I have been loving all the other give aways but this one feels like the it,..:)

Sheyce turned 4yrs old yesterday ,yeeeeiy and i still owe the little muffin a present and with this voucher,then mommy will have delivered even more than she expected to and the little one will be beyond excited to rock some little cute outfits this December…Aaaaaaaand we have been huuuuge fans of clothes from my kids couture ever since you launched the 50 days of kenyan kids fashion which you left at day 25 i guess..heheheh..

Fingers totaaaally crossed for this Voucher …:)

Prudence kathambi

I have a cheerful, playful, joyful little girl 8 months old now. Her name is Sandra. She came too early but oh well, everything happens for a reason that’s why I decided to keep the baby. Motherhood leaves you sometimes physically and mentally drained, needs sacrifice. However, every moment is worth it, watching your daughter grow is the most beautiful thing. Therefore, I would love if she would rock gorge clothes from my kids store couture. It could be the best Christmas gift for my best little friend.
Fingers crossed, legs.. Everything!, I hope I’ll win.
Lilmissbelle you’re blog is absolutely awesome!


Winning this voucher would mean so much to me right now as i am in Mombasa, having exams till 23rd. My kids are in Nairobi. I have also kept the tradition of new Christmas outfits for my kids but this year i have not had time to shop for them. This voucher would enable me to shop online for their outfits and thus put a smile on their faces on Christmas day 🙂


Hi…we rearly love your blog…we get our hairstyles inspiration from xena especially the zigzag one posted daughter just turned five and I am still figuring this thing out as an only parent.I just want to put a smile on her face.we recently moved and all she wanted was a frozen birthday dress.she wanted to feel like a princess.I am yet to buy for her.our budget is tight because of the move and as a paren’t I have to prioritize on food…I cannot compromise on food…so clothes are a bit not as a priolite but I still would like to see a smile on her face.we are on a tight budget and she would really love a dress and early Christmas gifts.with schools almost being opened,i have to prioritize on food and fees.please make my little ange’s dream come true.she is five and her name is angel.


Lilmissbelle..I can’t even lie here. I would love to win this one-simply because it’s Christmas!
And Christmas doesn’t need a reason.
Be my Santa, will you?


I have been trying to post my comment but it dissappear
My reason is simply to put a smile on my daughter’so face for a late birthday gift.we recently moved and I am just focusing on providing the necessary as an only parent

Diana Nimu

hello lil miss belle, I love reading your blog and would really love to win a voucher from my kids couture because this year has been a hectic and stressful one for me , having my 2nd born while my first born was just two years , raising babies two years and below has put me on my toes with barely enough rest and sleep and to add to that it has really taken a toll on us financially , I would really love to buy my kids a Christmas gift especially new and fashionable clothes and what better place than my kids couture ! kindly make my one wish come true so that we can at least end this year with a smile on our faces. this would literally be my light at the end of the tunnel.
thank you


Always read your blog. I love your lovely girls. Xena looks like a twin to my sister’s kid. I would love to win the voucher for one reason: I had planned to shop for my three year old daughter and my sister’s kid (Xena’s twin 🙂 but where I work we were retrenched 100 of us. I lost my job on Monday. I write this in bed uncertain of what next. I am a single parent and used to also assist my sister take care of her three year old as she has been jobless for two years. This will really come in handy as I used to live pay check to pay check. Also I am from Njoro too in Gichobu.

Linda Watiti

Awwwww Xena and Xia look so cute.I would really love to win the gift voucher for my little one.Am a first time mum to a 7 week old baby boy ,just realized shopping around for a baby boy is very difficult because it’s very rare to find fashionable clothes for boys in many stores. My Lo is growing so fast he would look so lovely in new clothes.Please Santa visit us :-).TIA


I’m a 1st time mum to a beautiful baby girl who turned 5months yesterday.My motherhood journey has not been a walk in the park since I underwent cs which I was not psychologically wound actually took longer to heal since I got an infection and I had to go back to the hospital to be dressed.It’s healed from the outside Bt painful from the inside at times,I’ve not been able to get back to the market to shop for my baby since I had bought enough clothes before birth Bt she’s outgrown most of them now.I would really love this voucher so that I can get her some new clothes most especially a Christmas themed one since its her first Christmas.*


Hi Joy, Your babies are so cute first of all. I would like to win the voucher because three people close to me are expecting babies early next year and I want to shop for the babies. Also I am going to be a first time aunty and I know if i Gift my sister clothes from my kids couture she’ll be obsessed with the place because she is yet to discover it..


Aaaw Xena and Xia look soo cute in their outfits your kids are my goals … My 4month old is growing so fast so she is currently surviving on her 2year old sister hand me downs :/ my 2yr old only grows tall but not fat (ata i got tired of people asking “kwani hakuli”) she is currently living on trainer pants that are 3/4 because her clothes and shoes lasts 2months before she outgrows them. That voucher would really be an ideal christmas gift my little ones and oh yeah we wouldn’t mind cute christmas photos!

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