Lilmissbelle 12 Days of Christmas

Day 4: Nyama Mama

December 14, 2017
Lilmissbelle - Nyama Mama

I doubt if there are many five-year olds in town who are as busy as my daughter Xena during this school holiday. She got home on Monday at 11:45pm from Mombasa, a trip she went along with her dad for three days. It was just the two of them and we (the nanny, her sister and myself) have been subjected to endless tales of how epic their mini holiday was. “You know my daddy bought me a new bag and new shoes?” and “In Mombasa we would wake up at 6:00am then take a walk on the beach and collect shells.” and “You know Mombasa is closed that’s why we had to come back.” If this kid had her way, she would have stayed in Mombasa with her daddy for a month and not cared about the rest of us.

As she was narrating her escapades, I tried very hard to maintain an imperturbable composure but deep down my throat was on fire. I was jealous of how much fun the two of them had and I wondered if she would have had as much fun with me.

Back to her busy schedule, much as she only slept at midnight, I had to wake her up at 8am. I had a job for her. I had mentioned to her on phone the previous night while she was at the airport that we needed to be somewhere at 10:00am the following day.

“Sleep in the plane if you have to baby because duty calls tomorrow.” I had aptly informed her.

“Okeeeyyy.” She had said, not exactly excited about the prospect of working after a grand holiday.

At 9:30am, we were all set in the car. Xia in her car seat, Xena in the back right and yours truly behind the wheel but not before tuning the radio to HBR. Side note- HBR should pay me already for the mad endorsements on this platform. Daddy had woken up early to ride his bike, a passion he’s taken into recently.

We were headed to Nyama Mama at Delta Towers in Westlands. I had called P.K. of Nyama Mama the previous week telling him how I would love to sample their Christmas menu with my kids and crew. I also mentioned that because I value my readers who come here religiously to read about my musings, I needed to reward one of them with a meal voucher from Nyama Mama. Because it would be totally unfair for me to profit from my readers’ loyal following while giving them nothing in return. Right? On that note, I hope you guys are loving the Lil’missbelle 12 days giveaway so far and if yes, please drop a comment encouraging us to soldier on. Anyway, P.K. was sold to the idea.

As I was driving, Xena went on and on about her holiday, so I had to turn the radio off. We were so engrossed in the conversation that I forgot that the Westlands roundabout was closed. I had driven towards Ring Road thinking it was a shorter route and when I came off Waiyaki Way, I had to drive all the way up almost to Safaricom HQ then turn back and drive down all the way past the non-functional Westlands roundabout then make a right turn further down. I cursed when I realised my stupid mistake which got Xena asking me “Are we lost?”

“No Xena, how would I get lost in Westlands?” I said.
“Then why are you saying “drat” many times?”  She asked.
“Because your stories got me missing the route.” I said.
“So we are lost.” She said.
I couldn’t argue with her, so I drove in silence. As we approached Delta Towers finally, I asked her if she was excited.
“What’s special about where you are taking us?” She asked.
“The food and the ambience.” I said.
“Can you smell the food from here?” She asked. We were still on Waiyaki Way by the way, just about to turn left.
“No Xena, but I’ve been there before and I know their food is amazing.”
“What’s the second thing you said?” She asked.
“Ambience?” I said.
“Yea what’s that?” She asked.
“You’ll find out for yourself.” I said.

As soon as we walked out of the car, I spotted Charles our photographer and his assistant. They had arrived earlier, set up, and were now talking a video of us. Xia was excited and running towards RMA motors. I think she was hinting that we needed to aspire to own one of those Range Rovers at RMA.

Nyama Mama’s outdoorsy feel is one of the many things I love about it. With the wide windows rolled up, it feels as if you are dining outside in this colourful set up of African inspired decor but with a roof over your head. For about thirty minutes, Xena and Xia were confused over what to embrace. One minute they were lifting the colourful Ankara cushions off the seats, the next they were riding in Santa’s sleigh perched in the middle of the restaurant with a reindeer pulling it.

I think that was the easiest shoot for Charles as the kids were in their element. We all were, especially when the food came. Waffles with rosemary chicken and fried egg for the kids, a breakfast staple in their menu which you all need to try. We had some spicy calamari coated with batter and deep fried which were devoured by Xena alone! How else were we to know that she had recently landed from the land of seafood? The crispy Ugali chips were not exactly anyone’s favourite, much as they were quite tasty. For me, I didn’t want to get full before the turkey arrived. And when it finally did, brown and crispy with sweet potato pulp, I dug in. We also had the red snapper with some gravy which I declared award-winning. It was served with Nyama Mama’s rendition of Ugali which was really soft and creamy. Xena would run around (because she was done with her chicken and waffles) and come back to the table uttering only two words “Mama, Ugali!” I have never seen her eat that much! Xia sat at the table all through even after finishing her meal and carried on with our fish and the sweet potato. To think that we all (including Xena who is a troublesome eater) had space for desert is unbelievable. We shared two plates of ice cream (vanilla and chocolate), some cheese cake and some pie with custard on the side.

I don’t recall ever having such a gratifying Jamhuri day. The best part, Xena felt them same way.

“I am glad we came back from Mombasa last night.” She said. “ I wouldn’t have missed this for anything.”

Our winner today gets a Ksh 5,000 voucher from Nyama Mama. Simply tell us your best memory of any holiday, whether Christmas, New Year, Easter, Diwali, Labour Day, Jamhuri Day or any other holiday. Make sure you are subscribed to this blog and following my Instagram account and Nyama Mama’s Instagram as well to qualify.

Awaiting your stories 🙂

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Your memories are all so heartwarming and some of them so funny!! You know I always love me a good laugh so between Gitchgal, Barbara and Darshani, I was unable to decide who cracked me up the most. So I moved to the next interesting comment which was posted by Patrick Mbugua, the only guy who has commented in the duration of this campaign! I think that’s a fair decision, right? Congratulations Patrick. Please get in touch with me on You know what I will do in one of the campaigns next week? I will narrow my favorites down to a few then get you guys voting for the winner. How about that?

    Patrick Mbugua

    True this must be a very difficult decision, mine did’nt seem as interesting us some here I would agree. And didn’t even think mine would be awarded. Thanks very much for this I greatly appreciate. And to all those that shared their stories, thank you it was fun reading through them, you might not have won, but they made us laugh.


Hi….I tried posting my comment yester night and it didn’t go…have you restricted posting at night?Am actually typing this to see if it comes to you

Patrick Mbugua

The stories here are funny for real, didn’t think I was to read but I had to. And don’t you judge me being the only gent commenting here, I loved the profile of this blog and I appreciate and honor mothers greatly having been raised by a single mum. The struggle is real for mothers but they do it so gracefully. The other reason of commenting being that I love food.
My best memory might not be funny as some or with pomp. But I remember when I was little we went for Jamuhuri day celebration at the Nyayo stadium, and I had never seen so many people in one place as then, back then when we were more patriotic. Listening to President Moi give his speech, see the army matching around the stadium it was so amusing. But the thing that stood out for me was seeing the jets fly above the stadium and make twists and turns that entertained the crowd and not just me. This put a desire in me to one day fly and it is a dream that I still have in me, and it fuels me to this day.
Thanks to all that shared their stories, and you for giving pple the chance to. It reminded me of many happy family moments that I had forgotten about and awoke that celebratory mood of Christmas!


    As a child, I always wished I could attend one of this parades. Everything about it (except the long speeches) made it look like so much fun. You are lucky to have attended one back in the day when there was less congestion and more order. Not sure I would try it now though. Thanks for mustering the courage to post Patrick! I hope you dream of flying jets becomes a reality.

Joanne Nduta

My best Christmas holiday was last year 2016. I just had my daughter, she was still a new born. I know I know…. babies are hard work especially being a single mum but the joy I had beats any other Christmas memory ever! And now she is one. And no plans whatsoever, so that lunch plan ata Nyama Mama will come in handy!!☺️


    So true. First Christmas with a new born is something you will never forget, both for the fact that you have a new mini human that you adore and also, because of the downside of raising a new born which will probably see you spending the day in smelly pajamas (because leaking breasts) and a stocking over your head. You have taken me back to December 2012. Thanks.

    Gitchgal (@kharoull_royal)

    I woke up at an insane hour of the morning at my grandparent’s house, and six year old me was crying. This was my first and very last Christmas spent with my Guka. So, it was on the Christmas Eve, and Guka (read BigGuy) gathered my little cousins and I, for storytelling. This time, though, he asked us all the exciting questions about the birth of Jesus, and what not. Fast forward, this session culminated when Dude told us that if we stayed up all night, we would get to see the very big and very bright star that led the Wise men to Jesus’s birth place. Meeen, I had never been this much excited. I swore to myself that I would not dare blink and I was like, “please God, don’t let me miss this golden moment.” You should have seen me at the bedroom window, for hooours! There is no way I was gonna miss this epic moment. Sadly, I fell asleep and woke up very upset in the morning and Guka ‘legit’ made me believe that I had missed it. Honestly, to this day, this thought gets me laughing and crying real tears, at the same time.😂😂😂

Mercy Mwaura

Hi Joy, I love how Xena went on and on about her mini holiday with the dad, it’s cute. My favorite holiday is Christmas no doubt. Apart fro having family around and lots of nyama choma it’s also my birthday. Yes, I’m a xmas baby. My best memory is where one Christmas ( I was 10 I think) my shosh had invited children from a certain children’s home to her compound. Everything was in plenty that year,food , fun, cake, gifts, games, name it. We all called her shosh and she was so loving to us all. I remember being very very happy that Christmas.We talk about that day with my cousins and everyone just beams with joy. May God bless Shosh for having a big loving heart.

Leah Kimangi

My best memory of Christmas or holiday was before my mum went to be with the Lord which is 5 years ago.How i enjoyed being at home every Kenyan holiday be it madaraka or jamhuri .She loved cooking and on each holiday she would wake up very early to make sumptuous meals from breakfast to what we would have for lunch and dinner.But our favourite was Christmas they ensured (parents)that we had new clothes me and my sibling, even as old as i was which was in college. We put up our our tree,which was a growing tree from the shamba think its the cyprus not sure on the 24th december and we would fill a bucket with soil where we would put the tree and wrap it with gift papers then we would help in decorating. And on Christmas we would eat and merry together .Now all we do is wait for us to be invited for christmas by relatives since cooking is not one of my favourite things to do.


    Your family sounds like my family so much! My mum would wake up early (still does) to make enough food to last the whole day without much help from the rest of us. She would do it like the ninja she is! Then the bucket and soil and pine/cypress tree, wrapping the bucket in shiny wrapping paper, wrapping gifts and decorating the tree. In another life my family and yours would have been one big family. Sorry for you mom’s loss. You could try pass down the cooking tradition to your family to relieve her memory. You don’t have to cook up a storm hehe.


Hey…my best holiday memory was when i was younger, we would decorate the house for christmas with those paper mache thingies where you criss cross the paper to make a pattern, and we had a Merry Christmas sign as well. Don’t forget the balloons.The house looked so festive and the air was so merry. Mama would make chapos and chicken for Christmas supper and we had a blast. I believed in Santa too😂 Ah the nostalgia!

Alice Waceke Kinuthia

Hey, my best holiday memory was this Jamhuri day. My birthday is on the same day. I was sick but my boyfriend went ahead and decided to make my day. He held me a surprise birthday on the same day and invited almost all my close friends. I was so awed because he not only did that but he went ahead and took me for a photoshoot at sun Africa studios. He literally made my day. I will never ever forget all the joy and excitement this day brought to my life. I would really appreciate if I won this because I feel my words are not enough to show him how thankful and happy I really am.


My best memory during the holiday is definitely theChristmas Holidays when I was younger, and we would visit my grand folks for the whole month of December. A couple of days before Christmas we would pick a live Christmas and and decorate it together and finally add a touch of snow with cotton wool Lol! 🙂
Then on Christmas day, we’d wake up and go straight to the christmas tree for gifts from Father Christmas.
I’d give anything to be six again to enjoy Christmas like this…my fondest memories

Maureen N Njoroge

My best holiday memory is of Christmas when we were young. Going to shagz with all my cousins and our parents buying us new clothes to wear on the material day. I wonder how my grandma, may her soul rest in peace, managed all the chaos w would cause in her household.


    We used to congregate at my shushus for a whole week over christmas, about ten of us (cousins). I thought that was crazy until the mister told me he has like thirty cousins and they all used to go to shagz and share the few rooms that were there at night, so the younger ones who used to pee at night would be piled up in one room so that they could pee freely! I agree, Christmas at grandma’s was unrivaled. May they all continue to rest in peace, those that are long gone.

Lydiah Kwanzu

The best christmas memory i have is the one for last year. Nothing much to fuss about but it was the best simply because my brother who was always on the road and working during tge holidays was home with us and we had the best timw playing indoor games and eating home cooked food thats was cooked with love. The other reason it was the best is because it will be a memory me and my family will always cherish as sadly afterwards my brother got sick and travelled to India for treatment where he unfortunately passed away. So 2016 christmas will always be the one me and my family will always cherish as we had one last holiday with my brother before got plucked the handsome flower from us.


My best memory has to be during Easter when we visited a children’s home in Kibera with some of my church mates. We had planned this for quite some time and had already got some commodities and essentials ready to gift the amazing children. On that day we visited the place and had so much fun with the kids. We want songs, shared stories, cooked for them and enjoyed the meals together. We then had some outdoor activities such as games and stuff. The childreñ were all smiles as we gifted them the stuff we had brought with us. That’s the best memory of a holiday that I have so far. I’m hoping to visit more children’s homes in the future and also homes for the elderly. Warms my heart to see them genuinely happy and loved. That feeling of belonging is the best 😊😊


My Christmas memory that stands out must be when I was like 10 or so. It’s a funny story, we had family plans but then I was new in a certain estate and they had all gotten together to plan go boat ride at the lake and I just couldn’t miss it. Parents were against it of course apart but I lied saying we won’t be long we were just qetting to a certain centre and we will be back. We went all the way to the lake and by the time I was coming back it was pitch black and with the festivities as it gets, everything is confusing. So all I know is I heard a ping sound and a warm liquid and it’s only later that I realized someone had thrown a stone and hit my head. I got home so scared, but mum seeing all the blood in my head rushed to clean it up instead of being stern or reprimanding me. Later she asked why I had to go and I told her I somehow had a bit of fun, I rode on a boat on the lake, she just laughed.


So when I was little my parents would encourage me to go the whole nine yards at Christmas. Write a letter to santa, be a good girl so I’m not put on the naughty list, leave out milk and cookies for santa on Christmas eve with a small window open (not realising the was no way a fat guy like old Saint nick would be able to squeeze through) and lo and behold, all my presents would be under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning! The best memory was, however, when I wised up to the antics of my parents and one christmas eve after leaving the milk and cookies, I snuck down at night before them and finished them all! You should have seen the look on their faces, they were totally shocked and couldn’t understand who ate and drank it all! 🤣🤣

Sometime Writer

Best Memory is the last Christmas we had as a family before my dad got sick. My brother was studying abroad at the time and we travelled to go see him. It was such a fun trip because we were all in our element even got my dad to try a roller coaster ride and we took all these fun family videos including one of dad in the middle of a zoo giving a ‘press conference’ about his stay in Australia. Unfortunately the laptop where I had all those fun pics and videos got stolen but those are memories that live in our hearts forever❤


    Your dad is brave soul to go on a roller coaster when unwell. I would never get into one even if there’s the promise of a hefty award! Sorry that you lost your videos. And the press conference? lol! Your dad is funny.

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