Lilmissbelle 12 Days of Christmas

Day 5: Collabor Active Wear

December 15, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Collabor Active Wear

There’s this time I left the house at 5:30am in a resplendent green Under Amour hoodie, ankle length tights and Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers. It was freezing cold with a possibility of a cloudburst so I had to be warm, much as I don’t like dressing up in heavy gear while running. Usually, I end up exuding heat by the second kilometre, so I find myself having to take off whatever warm thing I am wearing and tying it around my waist.

This particular morning, the script was not any different. I was doing my run in the neck of the woods. By the time I got to the Shell at the arboretum which marks four kilometres into my run, I was giving off excessive heat enough to light up Kiambu county. I was also sweating profusely and the hoodie was so wet like I had just stepped out of the shower and used it to wipe myself. The fabric of the hoodie was this desperately absorbent kind which would do well as a floor rug! Worse still, it was somewhat tight around my armpits and whenever I moved my arms (of course we all move our arms when running) it would rub against them and the friction left me sore.

The reason I still had it on is because all the way from kilometre one, I struggled to remove it as I continued running with no success. The neck area was quite narrow. I didn’t want to stop and mess up my momentum because it was one of those days I was on fire and doing a long run. I persevered the entire 16 kilometres but by the time I got home, that run had done me more harm than good. I was overly dehydrated, dizzy and one of my armpits was bleeding. All because of a gorgeous green Under Amour hoodie.

I have had my drama with running shoes as well before I figured out that I needed to buy shoes that were a size bigger than my normal wear. I am a size 5/38. I ran my first half marathon (Stanchart 2016) in a pair of New Balance sneakers size 5.5. By the time I got to 18 kilometres, I felt like my big toes were bleeding. They were not, but the pain was unimaginable. Two weeks later, both big toe nails came off. The horror! If you intend to take up running seriously which means you will be running at the very least every week, you have to invest in brand new shoes specific to your running needs. Shortcuts will always cost you injuries, including the infamous runners knee (which I also suffered from) where the knee constantly hurts while running. Save up and buy proper running shoes.

Through tough experience, I have learnt the importance of investing in comfortable running gear. I used to buy them second-hand but with time, I realised there’s a reason the initial owner had given the clothing out. While some of them look fashionable and well maintained, you end up getting disappointed after wearing them a number of times. The fabric is no longer rich and the pants or tops lose their elasticity. Also, if it means paying an extra buck for something new and cosy with the perfect fit then why not? You don’t have to spend so much money on the really famous brands which I have come to realise are sometimes unnecessarily overpriced just because of the logo. There are numerous fashionable and good quality but less hyped sports brands out there. You just need to do your research.

So now comes the big question that I get asked every so often. Where can one buy affordable running gear in Kenya? I came across Collabor Active Wear  (CAW) mid this year through one of the many friends I have made in my running journey. At Karura, we met at the parking lot and she seemed ready to set off alone. I had seen her run at impressive speeds in the past so I asked her to join us. Afterwards, over breakfast, I was whining about how my package from Amazon had taken over a month to arrive yet I was hoping to have new gear for the marathon. She told me about CAW. I have since tried their tights, capri pants and tops and they are amazingly snuggly, with this velvety feel that makes you want to pile them in a lump and cuddle them on lonely nights. I kid you not. I don’t own any clothing, fitness or otherwise, whose fabric is as rich as the items I have from CAW.

They are currently running a Christmas sale until end of December. Ladies, you can find shorts, tops and capri pants for as low as Ksh 500 which really, if truth be told, is how much most people buy the second-hand ones for, if not more! Gentlemen, this store also has your back with jerseys for as low as Ksh 750 and joggers for Ksh 1,000. You really have no reason to not look your best at the gym and on the trail next year!

We have partnered with CAW to award one of our readers today with a Ksh 5,000 voucher from their store. All you need to do is drop a comment below telling us what sport you are passionate about and why. If you are those always planning to take up a fitness activity but is yet to, you can also drop a comment and tell us your struggles. As usual, make sure you are subscribed to this blog, following my Instagram account and that of Collabor Active Wear.

I am sorry that this post did not go up at 6:00am. We spent the entire afternoon shooting yesterday, got home at 9:00pm and I had no ounce of energy left in me to write. I will also read your comments on Day 4’s giveaway and post the winner at midday today so look out for that.

This shoot took place at the gymnasium and poolside of Eka Hotel who by the way will be giving away something incredible to one of you guys next week so stay tuned. Just when you thought the #limissbelle12daysofchristmas giveaway had reached its climax we reel in more fantastic sponsors. We are those guys hehe. Thank you to the management of Eka Hotel for opening up their establishment to us yesterday and treating us like the royalties we are not but pretend to be 🙂 They will also be giving you guys a chance to win something incredible next week so stay tuned.

See you here tomorrow at 6:00am!

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  • mercy

    Wouldnt mind the votcher ….after a long struggle with chronic back pain after a loss (pg)… this will be the best gift and a big motivation this season I plan on my return to workout


    I am passionate about 3 sports; hiking,running and swimming.

    I have been an active hiker for 2 years and I love the adventure (I have gotten very lost about 3 times), new people and breath of fresh air I get away from the hustle of city life. I picked up running this year mainly because i do not enjoy going to the gym and hiking was really eating into my budget. I had to find a way to keep fit economically but yet outdoors. So far it has met these expectations and I aspire to run 21km sometime in my running life.

    I was quite talented at swimming in my junior years. I still find it very relaxing (the sound and feel of water calms me) and a great way to soothe a sore body after a run.

    Just found out about Collabor Active Wear through your blog today. I checked out the website and I like what i am seeing and eager to try the gear out!


    Running does it for me the thrill and the dealing with the anxiety. For 2018 I am planning to do my first half marathon at least 1 of Stanchart or Ndakaini, 2017 I have been lazy with the running because man, the final year has not been easy but I finish them papers on Monday plus the research project is what i’m finishing up on and so this gear is the perfect motivation for Tuesday morning.

    Mary Kay

    You look so lovely Joy, that kind of fitness gear is enough motivation to work out daily.

    I’m one of those who are struggling to be consistent in my fitness journey. In 2015/2016,I was obese and I set out on weigh-loss journey. I lost a whole 25kgs through eating clean and working out consistently. However this year I’ve really been struggling with getting the drive to keep up with my fitness routine. In 2018, I want to re-energize so as to maintain my new body because honestly losing weight changed my life and gave me confidence I didn’t know I was lacking. This is just perfect as I’ve been thinking of getting new workout clothes to infuse excitement into my morning workouts.


    I am passionate about running and a bit of aerobics…at the gym…I really like them because it’s more in groups…my struggles concerning fitness are simply my weight.I would really love to wear this gear for me.Just yesterday…I saw a girl who we used to go to the same church together who is my agemate,she has gained alot of weight…literally…I looked at her and I saw lost…but she was just a reflection of me…2017 is the year my self-esteem has improved bexcuse I listen to alot of u-tube videos…when I looked at her…I saw me…I saw how I lost…and all I could think of is that I need to get myself some good running shoes …true story…but then I remembered my budget…it’s not so that I got a baby and a relationship did not work out …it’s more so I lost myself…in the criticism about my pregnancy…people’s voice became too loud but now I am shutting them down…who knows maybe I will win…and get all of me back by the grace of God

    Grace Wacera

    Thanks for sharing this. I have also been looking for affordable and comfy sports clothes. I have been doing yoga for a couple of years now and getting comfy breathable yoga clothes is not the easiest task. Been also trying to get into running but I do get serious runners knee 🙁 I got some awesome Nike shoes but I didn’t know I had to get a size bigger. Thanks for the heads up 🙂
    Also, you are so inspiring. Thanks for that 🙂


    Hi 🙂
    I am a very active person. I totally love working out, I cant always afford a gym subscription as I am still in school and not earning so everyday I do my workouts from home. I love doing HIIT cardio and bodyweight exercises. I also go run in my school’s field early in the morning when i dont feel like being indoors and I must say comfort is key when doing any exercise especially foot wear . Exercise always helps keep my mind in check and my body just feels great afterwards! I looove workout leggings and im dying to have some good ones in my collection of very few. This would really be great for me as my birthday is also coming up next week and it would be a great way to treat myself. Id be soo happy. It would also count a great Christmas gift for myself . 🙂

    Diana Nimu

    I am very passionate about swimming , it has been my most favourite sport ever since I can remember , I recall my dad pushing me into the deep end of the pool one day when I was young because I feared drowning (which I didn’t by the way) despite his several lessons and I guess he knew I was a born swimmer just that I needed a little ‘push’ . my dad and I are not very close but its the little things we have in common like swimming that will always bring us together and I treasure that. swimming is one of the only things that I do and feel like I can be free and I can be unapologetically me , and to add on to that its also one of the best Cardio exercises 🙂
    Just like you however I have found it difficult to get good and comfortable swimwear and I would really love to shop at collabor active wear since you have highly recommended them


    Cross fit is definitely that sport for me, I like to say it saved me because when I started working out I was going through a difficult time but the gym remained my Happy place. So I got to look good and feel good at the same time, Double Win!☺


    Which sport? Uuuuum! 🤔🤔 Running I guess.

    But, I am an avid gym goer and I find that exciting gym wear has a huge impact on how you feel as you work out. Therefore where possible I buy gym wear in colours that radiate joy, excitement and fun.
    This was however not the case as I was a strictly black active wear buyer. But my gym buddy at the time unconsciously influenced my taste and choice and I now find myself loving colour! From their IG page, clearly colour is not in short supply for Collabor Active wear!

    Barbara Adhoch

    Hi! I am so outdoorsy so I am into so much sports it can be running and am game. However Basketball stole my heart. My high school still remember me for basketball, I got to captainhood on my final year. Those were some of the best years of my fitness life. Infact I played almost my whole last year with a sprain..sigh..I can never wear heels now…I just admire from afar. I guess the why for me, it’s a fast game, it needs a lot of tactic and it needs your mind and body to work together.

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