Lilmissbelle 12 Days of Christmas

Day 7: Instyle Shoes

December 18, 2017
Lilmissbelle - Instyle Shoes

There is this fashion sense that has fast crept into the shoe space, one that I had totally refused to embrace. I don’t know about you but when I think of pearls, I imagine them on my neck or hanging from my ears and if we push the boundaries a little bit,  bedazzling the neckline of a blouse or dress. However, some genius probably working from a tiny room in Milan figured out that pearls would also look good on shoes. It is highly likely that this same genius decided it would be cool for normal human beings to wear torn tee shirts. He called them distressed and attached a burly price tag to them.

In the past few months I have come across all types of shoes bedazzled with pearls. Pumps with pearls underneath, oxfords with lots of pearls on the toe box area, sandals with enough pearls to make a necklace. I cringed at the thought of being sported in any of them. But then I saw these gorgeous sneakers last week at Instyle Kenya and I knew it was time to “pearl up” my shoe rack (new phrase alert hehe). They were a soft shade of pink with this pearly detail on the side and a touch of gold encircling every pearl. Next to them was this pair of grey kiddie sneakers with bunny ears and a pink ball of fur at the back. I loved them and I knew that Xena was going to go gaga over them. They were a size 29 and I remember telling myself that if they didn’t have them in size 26, I was still going to take them home much as it would take her two years to fit in them. 

If you are looking to spice up your shoe rack and that of your kids’ this Christmas, head over to Instyle Kenya. They also have stunning high heel sandals that you can rock over Christmas dinner or better yet New Year’s eve party. I got myself this gold pair that was the perfect accessory for my black sheer dress, a look that I have put together for new year’s eve.

Instyle have been kind enough to award one of you with a Ksh 5,000 shopping voucher. To win it, drop a comment below telling us what you plan on doing on Christmas day or on New Year’s eve. If you have no plans, you could tell us about the one wardrobe staple you can’t do without. For me it has to be white t-shirts. I love white tees so much and whenever I travel I have to buy some for myself and my people. I love them even more on men. There’s nothing as stunning as a guy in a fitting white short-sleeved t-shirt. It helps if he has biceps! I know, I am weird like that.

Thanks to Eka Hotel for allowing us to shoot at their beautiful premises.

Subscribe to my blog and follow my instagram account and that of Instyle Shoes. I will announce all the winners from Day 5, Day 6 and today’s in the respective comments section at exactly 3:00pm today.

Lilmissbelle - Instyle Shoes Lilmissbelle - Instyle Shoes

Lilmissbelle - Instyle Shoes

Lilmissbelle - Instyle Shoes Lilmissbelle - Instyle Shoes Lilmissbelle - Instyle Shoes Lilmissbelle - Instyle Shoes Lilmissbelle - Instyle Shoes Lilmissbelle - Instyle Shoes Lilmissbelle - Instyle Shoes Lilmissbelle - Instyle Shoes



Thank you all for participating and I pray that you have utmost fun and peace as you celebrate the festive season in the different ways you have highlighted. Nelly Wangechi, I hope your trip to your Aunt’s fills her with as much joy as her attending your graduation made you feel. Congratulations! Reach me on

    Nelly Wangechi

    I am so happy for winning this. Thankyou so much for your kindness and I hope your Christmas go as planned as well. I have mailed you. You are simply the best 🙂

    Nelly Wangechi

    I am so happy for winning this. Thankyou so much for your Kindness Mama Xena . I hope your christmas goes as planned as well. You are simply the best. 🙂

Mercy Mwaura

My Christmas plan is nyama choma with the family at my shosh’s place. My aunties are the most fun guys. Things always get lit. Some cake too because I’m a xmas baby. Wardrobe staple is a leather jacket. It brings so much uumph to an outfit and yaaas, white tees are bomb.


My baby boy is walking so this Christmas will be all about us walking along the beach line together and playing with the sand nothing makes me happier like when I see he so full of life . …this Christmas we shall be at the coast with family and the beach will be a place that my son and I can’t wait.I would really love to get something matchy for my son and I plz plz let us win.thanks


My favorite part of Christmas is Christmas morning. When I was a child we would wake up early in the morning just to light up the Christmas tree and sing Christmas hymns. We didn’t get gifts like I see these days. Our gifts were the one a year Christmas outfits which would buy in town. Town was Nairobi CBD, a trip that was taken once a year or so, to go buy these Christmas clothes. The ‘gift’ we got was company, in the form of relatives and friends whom we would share Christmas Day with. It was merry, it was wonderful. As we grew older, people got busy, they had their own plans, they had their own families and the Christmas Day party Shrinked. Now that I have my own family, I want to pass the same joy to my kids and open up my home on Christmas Day to family and friends and make merry. The gifts I’m buying for the kids are batteries for all their old toys which have ran out of batteries. The gift of family however, that’s priceless. As for the outfit that’s a staple… I never used to have strapless shoes. Now I see it’s an utmost necessity for dinner dresses, cocktail dresses, jeans and simply every kind of outfit. A cute number like the one in your picture can go with just about all my outfits. I would so love a shoe like that.

Wanja Mwangi

Christmas will be spent giving back to the less fortunate with my family then eating all the wrong food in order to have a new year resolution about #good eating habits

Nelly Wangechi

I am planning to pay my aunt a Surprise Christmas visit.She lives in Nyahururu so interior i get lost every time i visit there. Luckily this time i’m not going to ask anyone for directions because i still have a whatsapp msg with directions that i was sent earlier this year as i’d planned to visit in January this year but i did not… I am sure all her ten kids will be there and they will not be expecting me and so it will be a good surprise to everyone.. 🙂
The reason i am doing this for her is to return a favour. She travelled for my graduation in Nairobi last year in July. She was sick and she is old, (80 plus). She came with Mbuzi and potatoes like 2 gallons 🙂 . That was soo so much love.
If i get this voucher, i will pick a nice comfy rubber shoe for her as a Christmas gift and offcourse a bomb sneaker for myself.
And oh, my wardrobe staple is a pair of sneakers. Because i can pair it with Jeans or a dress and again it’s so comfy.

Diana Nimu

Honestly I have neither any plans for this Christmas nor new years However , the the wardrobe staple I cannot do without is leggings and/or tights . these are life savers around the house and so comfortable when I just want to relax or do house chores and they come in handy when I’m running around after my toddler (mom life lol) I think they are the greatest clothing invention ever not to mention that you can just throw anything on top to go with it whether it’s a T-shirt , vest , dress, dress tops just to name a few , they come in handy too when I want to work out or even go for a walk and can be worn with any shoes too -sandals , sneakers hence I would love a voucher from in style shoes to go with my must have leggings

Laila Adhiambo

Since We don’t celebrate Christmas. (I am Muslim) I don’t have anything planned. I’ll probably just be indoors with my Family. Catching up on the latest Movies/Series.
And yes to white tees…..I also love tees.


I may as well tell all because i have answers..that’s allowed,yea? sooo,For Christmas day my folks will be going to shags and its so exciting because it is something we have never done as a family for Christmas. We always either traveled or ate lunch out or stayed at home but this year,we decided to have Christmas in shags.So yeeeeiy,Sheyce and i get to experience the shagz Christmas for the first time. For News Years Eve,our friends and i will be having an interesting night in where we will have indoor games,share our new year resolutions,have different dips that we will have with tortilla chips and have some pizza and some non alcoholic drinks then maybe do some fireworks at midnight when we clock into the New year.

One thing i cannot do without in my closet,a pair of cute but comfortable sandals. i pair sandals with almost everything,from dresses to jeans to shorts and with a very active toddler am able to chase after her and they are also very comfortable when driving. So yeeeees,a pair or two of cute comfortable sandals cannot miss in my closet.

am just scrolling through the instyle insta page and i cant help but cross my legs and fingers that i win the voucher and ruuuuun and get me those two pairs i have already spotted ..hahahah

and no,you are not weird,i like men in simple V-neck fitting tshirts but i dont have a preference color..hahahha


Hello Joy,
I must say you and Xena look dashing. I can’t get enough of the fluffy ball and bunny ears🐰 on Xena’s shoes. Too adorable.
My Christmas and the better part of New year will be spend at my work place,a local hospital. I may not be able to cross over to 2018 with much pop and color but i feel consoled knowing i will be making a difference in someone’s life who will need it at the time. More of giving back to society this christmas😊.
My wardrobe staples….🤔i just realized i have more than one,blame it on the evolving fashion world. From black pants, white tees, nude shoes but my all time must have must be THE SCARF. I own about 15 scarfs,in different fabrics(linen,cotton and my extra favourite silk) and they either have prints or come in plain neutral colours. My look never feels complete without a scarf so on official days,i have a scarf hanging around my neck and on casual days they act as perfect head wraps. On days when a scarf would be too much on my outfit, it will hang on my handbag tied in a perfect bow🙈.
I just feel like scarfs have the potential to make a look expensive and timeless with much less needed effort.
Happy holidays to you and your family.🌟


Christmas, as always, will be spent in *our* traditional way. Waking up early in the morning and opening presents, with the dogs included of course, then getting all gussied up and going for a massive christmas lunch with all the trimmings, I. E turkey, gammon, stuffing, sausages, mash and loads of gravy! And then spend the afternoon sleeping it all off!
Ps. My wardrobe staples are loads and loads of pairs of gorgeous high heels, the more the better in every style, shape and colour! So this would definitely help add to the collection 🙂


This Christmas and new year’s event I have no very specific plans…only that I remember my grandmother invited us over to be together…I will probably work half day then decide afterwards to go…new years eve…probably church…what I cannot do without is jeans and a pair of good sneakers…I love the casual look more therefore just gift me and my little girl this Christmas. Thank you

Sometime Writer

I am planning on spending Christmas by the beach. Scratch that I plan on spending Christmas healing at the beach.. I intend on waking up before 6 am, putting on a cute pair of pink shorts, grabbing my favourite pen and notebook, going to catch a gorgeous sunrise and spending the first few moments writing out a few thoughts for my blog and book( which I intend to finish by the end of next year hopefully). For me this holiday is about introspection and thanking God for all the lessons it has brought and what better setting for that than sitting on the sand with a salty breeze blowing and a magical view of the sea. Of course after that power morning I intend to join the family and eat my heart out for brunch and then spend some more time writing everything out while the sun sets. That voucher would certainly help tie my outfit of the day together, I already have a cute white sundress for brunch, I just need some gorgeous shoes lol :))


Christmas this year will be spent upcountry with my grandma & the entire extended family at a family reunion (all of whom I haven’t seen in 8 years). Let’s just hope everybody hasn’t forgotten me.🙈
Oh, and my wardrobe staple has to be black jeans (let’s just say pants instead). I can’t do without them. I feel like they just make my life a whole lot easier 😄

Laura Mutonyi

This Christmas all through the new year I’ll be working just got a new internship therefore no plans sadly. But a wardrobe staple for me is black pants be it leggings or jeans they are a wardbrobe must can’t live and do without them. And the comfort as well as the ease to style them is so versatile and effortless.

Doris Omao

Y’all look really nice Joy & Xena!!!

I’m planning to spend Christmas with my entire family back at home and I would definitely love to drop my grandma & myself a pair of shoes each from instyle! We have to twin on Christmas day, it really excites her 🙂

I can’t miss black pants in my wardrobe. No black pants, no life!!

Happy holidays to you & yours. xoxo

Kellyjoy makena

At lil misbelle
I am a looooover of shoes.especially heels..sometimes ill even buy shoes that I end up wearing like once ….I have this bedazzled nude heel with spiky emblems all around the top…ive worn it like once(because its too high)’..but a good shoe is always a musthave for me….shoes add that wow factor to an outfit


I actually have no plans for Christmas this year Bt I can’t do without black tights and great how you can pair them with different tops for different occasions and how comfortable the pair is.I have a couple of them and still shop more’s an addiction I say!


You all look gorge!!!

My plan for this Christmas is to immerce myself so deep in Family time at Grandmas house .After a long year with long working hours.

For my wardrobe , it has to be a good pair of fitting blue jeans that go with everything 🙂


Hey Joy. You and Xena look so beautiful. I can’t do without rubber shoes. I find them so comfortable and versatile. There are those rubber shoes that go with any type of outfit and I always have to carry a pair in my bag just in case I get tired of heels or doll shoes get uncomfortable. Funny thing, I used to hate rubber shoes. But there was this time we had a presentation in class and I had worn heels. As the day progressed, they were getting uncomfortable and I had started walking like am about to get on my knees. Luckily, there’s a guy who used to sell shoes outside my school, so I went there to get sandals but all of them were a small fit so I got some cute rubber shoes and since then, I fell in love with rubber shoes and I can’t do without them.


Oh man!!! I have been waiting for this… first of all, my fourth year dinner is tomorrow and I saw your black dress and I went gaga already because I have nothing yet *sigh*
Christmas day plans back home start with the 8am compulsory mass (I’m I the only one who’s parents don’t joke with church?) then after my dad usually drives us to Tsavo Serena Hotel because we live nearby for some lunch and then some game park drive, this has happened since my primary school days and I’m tempted to think my parents are just lazy to come up with sth new but well I don’t pay the lunch meal bill haha so it’s very fair. I can’t wait to devour the meal btw…


Look at how beautiful y’all look makes me die with jealousy how sometimes i love to twin with my girl but cant get those perfect shoes…..i cross my fingers hoping that today i will be able to gift my princess with this awesome shoes


Christmas this year will be with family, just as every year though. We bond over the food and drinks and catch up with whay life has for us. We normally have different members hosting. Haha pearls on shoes! I can’t miss a white tshirt of a blouse on my wardrobe. Something amazes me about white pieces!!!

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