Lilmissbelle 12 Days of Christmas

Day 8: Backyard Shoez

December 19, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe

Before we get down to business, I would like to apologise for not keeping my word with regards to announcing the winners yesterday at 3:00pm. Also, it is my wish that my posts go out at exactly 6:00am but that has not been the case yesterday and today. I am not happy with the untimeliness and inconsistency but sometimes things happen beyond our control. Yesterday, I sprained my left foot when I was getting into my car at the Lavington Mall parking lot. There was this huge pothole that skipped my attention and the next thing I knew my foot was inside it, twisted like a rope. I got into my car and prayed that it was nothing serious but as I drove, I could feel the swelling getting bigger and the foot warmer and heavier. So I detoured to the Valley Arcade chemist, limped my way into the store and the pharmacist recommended this spray called ARTO. It had a Ksh 1,800 price tag to it. I don’t understand why every time I walk into a drug store clueless on what I drug I need, they always try to sell me the most expensive one first! Does that happen to you guys? It irks me. Anyway, he convinced me that for the kind of swelling I had and the pain I was going through, ARTO would provide the quickest relief. I took his word and paid for the spray. I wailed as I was rubbing it on my foot at home and the kids looked at me in disbelief. Xena started laughing at some point saying I was making scary faces.

“I am in pain, not scared.” I said to her through gritted teeth then picked the bottle to scrutinise its contents. At the bottom, I sported some words highlighted in red that read “made with arnica and the devil’s claw”. Now that was scary!

Obviously, I will need utmost comfort this holiday going by my little accident and I am so glad that my shoe rack is not in short supply of comfortable shoes. Over the weekend I got myself a pair of brogues and sandals from Backyard Shoez in Westlands. They have such a uniquely diverse collection making it hard to settle for one. As I was browsing the store and struggling to make up my mind, it occurred to me that most of you probably suffer from indecisiveness as much as I do. So I picked a number of pairs and styled them with different outfits and later on, it was so much easier to decide which lucky pairs were going on my shoe rack and which ones were going back to the store. I settled for the grey and beige brogues whose print I found subtle yet classy, and the blue bedazzled sandals.

The casual looks in brogues and sandals would make good outfit choices for your travels and day parties and the last one in heels would be a comfortable look for a nigh party. Which pair would you go for? Drop me a comment below to win a Ksh 5,000 voucher from Backyard Shoez. As usual, you have to be subscribed to this blog and following both my Instagram account and that of Backyard Shoes to win.

This shoot was conducted at the beautiful poolside, terrace and foyer of Eka Hotel. They will be awarding you with a gift voucher tomorrow so you better start following them on Instagram if you are not already!

Please go to the comments section of Day 5, 6 and 7 to see the winners. Again, apologies for not announcing them yesterday.

Good luck!

Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoez

Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe Lilmissbelle- Backyard Shoe



Thank you guys for participating. You are all deserving winners but sadly, I can only choose one. Darshani Haria is our winner today. Congratulations!! May you go gaga pairing the brogues with everything in your closet.

Mercy Mevifa

Sorry and quick recovery mama Xena…
Today my heart melts seeing you rocking those sandals….. now that am not a high heel peson due to my chronic back pain ….those would be perfect classy and trendy at fhe same time…those brogues on seeing them just thought of my work ( they would be the best…me looking classy as I give back to the society and also the best gift this season owing to I will be at work ….on xmas day…


Yummy mummy…you look so freaking fine in every pic😋damn!!! How are you not an award winning stylist??💁

The heels have stolen my heart😍 a sneaker kinda girl but these chunky backyard heels are everything!! LOL

The reason iam a sneaker girl is because my friends Mary and Jim told me that I don’t know how to walk in heels when I had rocked my only pair of wedges😥.I never want to be termed fainthearted!!I accept challenges and make them count!!I planned to practise walking in heels and prove them wrong next year since we are miles apart now.

I know of backyards shoes and had planned to gift myself a pair of heels for my birthday which was in November from my whole year savings. The devil can never let anyone thrive!!I was conned 3 days prior to my big day.How I was conned is still a mystery that’s yet to be understood😰.I had the most boring birthday!No cake,no smoothie, no nothing!!

I believe God is restoring my dream of owning chunky heels and proving my friends wrong with you Joy.The voucher will help me heal from the bad experiences of the conning.I had so much plans with that cash but boy does the devil spoil plans!


Sorry for the sprain. Quick recovery…

Now that am not a high heels person due to my nature of work a clinical officer and chronic back pain …the sandals would be the perfect thing and the black brogues going with every perfect outfit…think I will be the smatest this season….keeping in mind I will be at work on chrismass day…serving patients…this will be a perfect gift.

Caroline Wanjiku

I am really sorry for the small accident mama! And speaking of Sprains, I currently am also healing my sprained right ankle. I am still very very green in my fitness journey and last weekend, I badly hurt my ankle at the gym and so I had to skip my morning run on Sunday morning! This has definitely been a tough week especially with the many end of year deadlines we have to meet at the office and I am forced to walk like Donald Duck through my busy days🤣🤣🤣.I would really love the PRINTED BEIGE BROGUES since I have sworn that there is no way this sprain is going to dull my Christmas shine! More Love to you Joy!

Laila Adhiambo

I am sorry for your ankle,Hope you feel better soon.

I would go for the black Brogues anytime….They are everything.Comfortable yet Fashionable and classy at the same time…..I also like the way you have paired them with black on black.


My favourite pair are the heels! They are so cute, OMG! I have some of the flattest feet you’ll ever find so I rarely get to enjoy comfort in shoes especially heels. (This is also because of the fact that I rarely find my shoe size [8]). I’m almost always in flats but that can get a little boring if that’s all you ever wear. Deep down though I’m such a girly girl who loves to dress up. So every once in a while I like to spoil myself and dress up a pair of heels for a few hours before my feet act up and I have to switch to sandals. The struggle is so real!
Anyway, hope your leg heals soon 💜


Am so sorry for your leg hope it won’t spoil Christmas plan …who wouldn’t want to rock backyard shoes…surely? They have the most beautiful shoes that would be best for any occasion. I wish to have those sandals, moving around would be more comfortable in them.thank you and be blessed.


Hey 👋🏻👋🏻
The black ones are gorge 😍
Also I sprained my foot earlier in the year as well and it was so bad I had to get a cast for a month. I know your pain! So now the only shoes I’ve had to wear (for the past year)are those with either 1 or 2inches …and brogues are pretty much the ones that fill that category. I would really love a new pair .
Happy holidays!


I’d love the brogues. Oh my. They are so classy and such a classic. I’ve been really admiring brogues since I saw them on backyard shoes’ Instagram page. I have thin feet so I hardly get sandals that fit well. They are usually so wide such that I’m always
Having difficulties when walking 😭😭😭 that’s why I actually don’t own a pair. All my shoes are closed and i wouldnt mind adding up another classic closed pair onto the shoe rack. The beige ones especially😊


I’m going for the BROGUES!!! They are pretty and comfortable; Double Win! 🙂 To add on that they go with everything and I can wear them for my casual occassions and still wear them to work. The black suede ones are my favourite.


Hey Joy
Sorry for the little accident
I’d go forth sandals since Ann planning to have my vacation at the coast,they’ll come in handy

Doris Omao

Oh my God Joy I have the oldest brogues South of Sahara, North of Limpopo. Been meaning to get a new pair and I have been drooling over the brogues at backyard. First of all I work at Bandari Plaza so you can imagine what I go through everyday as I enter and exit the building. I love the grey-beige-ish ones particularly! I really need to replace the brown ones with them 🙂

I’m so sorry about your sprained foot. You will be back on track in no time!

Kellyjoy makena

Hey joy,sorry about your foot I once sprained my foot skateboarding and it was torture…I would definitely pick the sued brogoue with the ankara detail and the white heels…
I always admire backyard shoes but ive never been able to buy myself a pair …I cant wait to finish school and get my first paycheck…I always joke that the first thing I biy myself will be anthere expensive pair of shoes…the brougue and the heel are definitely stuff d definitely get


I would go for the casual white and grey brogues because I’m a chill kinda girl. I wish my office’s dress code would allow it then I would be in brogues and sneakers all day every day. Comfort(and durability) are key for me and I know Backyard Shoex\z are the best there is.


Hey mama,sorry about your sprained leg.I wish you quick recovery..4 days to go and I still hope and pray I’ll still win a hamper coz I’ve been optimistic since day one😉.I would really love a pair of brogues and sandals coz they are comfortable and since I’m not a heels kind of’s been long since I received a Christmas gift from someone and this would really come in handy.I follow backyard shoes on fb and now on instagram and all I do is kula kwa macho.Nataka kuonjeshwa sasa😂😂


Hi joy, sorry about your leg. Hope it will not dampen your christmas mood. I would definitely go for the heels…… being a short girl 5ft 3″ i buy height 😁…… this ones look too comfortable …. i can arleady picture which dresses and denim i will rock them with. Happy holidays to you and yours. Keep writting……. crossing fingers to win this from my favourite shoe shop.

Diana wairimu

I would definitely go for the casual look in brogues mainly because during this festive period with family one needs to be extra comfortable since there’ll be lots of activities to engage in not to mention running aftery toddler and nephews and nieces , its would be The best outfit to make merry in


I have been following backyard shoes for a while now and you too obliviously…and I always say…one day i will get myself a pair …my one day is still coming because of finances being too little…I normally wear the ksh.200 rubbers from bata and why lie?in am in need of shoes…my one day could be now …in this post…for this moment and not to brag but if I were to win…I would definitely tag them…they always do a customer appreciation for their customers on ig…I would love that…only as a winner…and sorry about your foot


Sorry about your sprained leg. I get sold to the most expensive of anything each time I walk into any store (even thrift shops) I get so worked up.
If there was a love language of shoes, it would best suit me.
Each time I walk into Backyard Shoes I feel like a child in a candy store. I am always torn between several pairs of shoes and my bank account balance.

I just want a pair of boots from Backyard Shoes for Christmas.


Shoes are my babies..who wouldn’t want new babies to spend Christmas with now that the whole away in Nakuru and the US of A and am stuck in Mombasa because,WORK😏.

Darshani Haria

Man Joy! Those navy suede brogues are beautiful!!! I would definitely go with those, 100% – they would probably pair with my entire closet. And you know how much I love shoes, my obsession is usually heels but these have completely changed my mind!! Gorgeous.

Wambui bobo

Hi Joy, So sorry about your leg😖. The shoot looks so bomb,perfect pairing. For me heels do the magic. I am slightly below a 5’2 and quite petite and i notice putting on a good pair of heels from chunky,wedge or stilletos has the capability to just make me look abit thicker in the right areas, makes my body look more streamlined, my legs look longer and it bring out this really good vibe sexy look,but most of all it is the confidence i feel when i walk into a room and i feel i could do anything.😍 If i win, i intend to spice up that high heel rack.👠👠👠

peninah weru

am in extreme need of a shoe makeover, 2017 hasn’t been easy but i thank God am still on my feet..these voucher will go along way of ensuring i get to 2018 in style

Mercy Mwaura

Hi Joy, sorry about the sprained ankle. Reading through the blog my mind was settled on the sandals, however you have totally changed my mind with those brogues. How you have styled them is just dope (thitima!!). Being a mum to a toddler comfort is key but stylish comfort is a stunner. I love backyard, well, have never bought any pair from them but it is on my wish list. Problem is by the time I get to that section of the list pesa imeisha, maybe this time I will be in luck.


Hi, sorry for the sprain. I would go for heels!
I’ ve been a mostly sandals kind of girl but I just want to up my game a little, and step into the new year with some new confidence. They’d also be great for church!


I am into casual looks, even to the office I can never seem to get enough of them. I would definately go for the beige brogues, especially now that my plans involve a lot of walking up and down, and sigh seeing. I think it would suit me well plus how stylish they look gives such an edge.


Heey, I would have picked up the Grey and beige brogues. They look so good in almost every outfit and soo comfortable. Comfort is the number one thing that I look for in a shoe. I love love shoes!! I have always wanted to shop in backyard shoes but never quite afforded it. Stuck with inheriting from my sisters which is still cool. I wish I could win the voucher and buy my very own pair.. Already doing a happy dance at the thought

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