Lilmissbelle 12 Days of Christmas

Day 9: Kids’ Couture

December 20, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Kids Couture

Growing up, I remember how shopping for Christmas clothes was something that my siblings and I looked forward to. We would catch a matatu from a place called Davishon in Njoro to Nakuru, an 11 kilometre journey that took about half an hour. Those days, matatus were these vans that looked like a double cabin with a high roof. Commuters would enter from the rear side and sit facing each other.

Once we got to Nakuru, we would explore the sprawling Somali complex popularly known as Garissa lodge. My dad would buy an outfit or two for all five of us (including my mum). For me, the more the lace and glitter, whether on clothes or shoes, the more striking it was. Later, we would go to a photo studio for a family photo before heading for lunch at KIMOTHOTEL or on a very good year, Midlands Hotel,. My Nakuru people, do you feel me? I lived for such moments I recounted my experience in detail in the post Childhood Memories on the same day as today (2oth Dec) last year.

In this digital era, it is sad that some kids may never get to experience such moments. Shopping is now mostly migrating to online platforms while studios are almost becoming extinct, what with smart phones that take better photos than some cameras. I am not complaining about the convenience of it all, but I am just saying I think our childhood was more exciting than our kids’, and probably, the older guys had more interesting experiences than us. It is mind-boggling to think of how technology will shape our world in the next 20 years.

Shopping for your kids does not have to be this expensive affair that makes you dread the holidays. Your child’s best friend will gloat about how they got this new off shoulder dress for Christmas, and you will be at pains to explain why your child is not getting anything despite excelling in their academics and being a great child for the better part of the year. Take advantage of Kids’ Couture’s 40% Christmas Sale and shop for fashionable outfits at even less than Ksh 1,000. To shop, take screenshots of the outfits you like and send them to 0723-420204.

Today, Kids’ Couture will be awarding one of you with a KES 5,000 voucher. To win, go to and pair up an outfit that you would love to dress your child in. The store only caters for kids between 6 months and five years. Take screen shots of the outfits and share them on Instagram with the hashtag #lilmissbelle12daysofchristmas. Also, make sure you are subscribed to this blog, following my instagram account and that of mykids_couture. Leave a comment below once you are done sharing on Instagram. I will announce the winners of Day 8 and 9 tomorrow morning when I put up Day 10’s post.

Happy winning!

Lilmissbelle- Kids Couture Lilmissbelle- Kids Couture Lilmissbelle- Kids Couture Lilmissbelle- Kids Couture Lilmissbelle- Kids Couture Lilmissbelle- Kids Couture Lilmissbelle- Kids Couture Lilmissbelle- Kids Couture Lilmissbelle- Kids Couture


Elizabeth Njeru

This is the first Christmas that my little girl will be aware of what Christmas is all about. This would make it so much more special for her. Hoping to win


I grew up like you and I come from nakuru too! What are the odds.. Mom always ensured we had matching outfits for Christmas.. My elder sister hated it but I used to have the time of my life!! I have a little girl, three years old. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am still in campus, she stays in nakuru while I study. It always breaks my heart to be away from her, we cry so much when I’ve gone to visit and have to go back to school. Even worse is knowing that I can’t be able to get her cool things all the time : be it toys, clothes, shoes.. So I always save up from my pocket money and go shop in town during rush hour from hawkers in a bid to get her pretty stuff to wear that are inexpensive… This Christmas it would be delightful to win this voucher for her and spoil her with stuff from my kids couture.. You should see how she refuses to remove something I bought her.. Hihihiii, I usually have to wash them before showing it to her


From nakuru we still go to midlands has the best chicken ever, also njoro is where my parents live. Our Christmas time was way too good

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