Gifts For The Entire Family This Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2018

The mister and I have never been big on celebrating Valentine’s Day. In fact, we’ve generally never been big on commonplace. Please do not mistake this for a snobbish attitude. All I am saying is that we prefer to go left when the whole world is going right. When half of Nairobi migrates to Mombasa in December, we drive to the shags and take time to tour the towns neighbouring our shagz. So naturally, on 14th of February, when the whole city is painted red and everyone is confessing their undying love to their better halves, we would be oblivious to it all. At the office, all the ladies’ desks would be spotting red roses but mine would always be drab and bare, save for my desktop computer and the calendar that I never bother to flip open.

When the mister and I started dating, he immediately declared that he was not a flower guy. Which meant that I was not to expect weekly delivery of flowers at my office or at home. Or perhaps should he ever propose, he would not have a stem of rose flower sticking out of his mouth as he went down on one knee. I appreciated his honesty and informed him that I also had a declaration to make. That I do not polish shoes no mater what and if we ever settled down, he should not expect me to do that. We shook hands and agreed that I would buy my own flowers and he would polish his own shoes.

Fast forward to last year. Our older daughter Xena was five years old and for the first time, she was very much aware of  Valentine’s Day, thanks to her school. The girls were asked to dress in red outfits and the boys blue. So, the weekend before Valentine’s Day, we went shopping for Xena’s outfit. I think this inspired the mister to want to do something for me and on Valentine’s Day, he drove all the way to my office to deliver yellow roses (something I have always bought for myself). His gesture did the exact opposite of what it was intended to do and what transpired after that was uglier than the scenes on Nairobi Diaries. I narrated the ordeal in the story Ban Valentine’s Day incase you have no clue what I am on about.

So this year, to avoid a repeat of that situation, I made two decisions. One, we would always celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. Second, we would all go gift shopping together to ensure that everyone got something that they were excited about. We did exactly that over the weekend and I am happy to report that love is truly in the air at the D’Souza’s. Everyone is happy with their gifts, having participated in the purchase process. If you are wondering what gifts to get for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, you can borrow some ideas from us if our kind of gifts tickle your fancy. So here goes:

For her:

Fragrances from His and Her Scents

70308ed7-Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day-4a01-8c04-91b9f6f8d4cd Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day

Fitness gear from Collabor Active Wear 

They have just unpacked new stock that will make you the envy of everyone else at the gym or on the trail.

Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day

Outfits from Foschini at Village Market

When I discovered Foschini at VM yesterday – a store that I love to shop from every time I go to South Africa-, I knew I was definitely going to step out of it with a few prized items, and thankfully not at my cost. Lately, I have been obsessing over sleeping shirts so I went straight to the sleeping gear section and tried a few. Xena and the mister were the judges and they unanimously loved the wrap around (though obviously that is not for sleeping). I loved the horizontally stripped night shirt but I was quickly informed that I could only pick one item, so sadly I had to leave it behind. I think I may just go back for it.

Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day

Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day

This vertically stripped one apparently made me look like a convict, said the mister. Xena said it looked boring.

Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day

I later spotted this figure hugging dress on the sales rack and it was going for Ksh 1670. It fit like a glove and the mister said yes. So I ended up walking out with two items!

fullsizeoutput_532 Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day

For him:

Fragrances from His and Her Scents

This Bourbon Bath & Body Works Cologne smells so good, I almost contemplated keeping it for myself and getting him something else. It goes for Ksh 4,000 while the Body Cream is Ksh 1,800. For every purchase of items above Ksh 4,000, you get a free bag worth Ksh 2,000. If your guy prefers musky scents instead, you could get him Teakwood instead.

c283e37d-2f8e-Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day-9d4a-0789f1e5acf4


Blazers from Markham, Village Market

From funky T-shirts (Ksh 1600) to cool shorts (I didn’t check the price) to jeans, chino pants and swanky blazers (Ksh 15,000 and above), you can get absolutely anything for your man at this South African store perched at the new wing in Village Market. We tried on a few blazers but none of them moved his needle, which was good for me because I doubt I had a loose Ksh 15,000 to spare!

Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day

For the kids;

Shoes from Matique Kids Shoes(Ksh 1,800)

Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day Lilmissbelle- Valentine's DayLilmissbelle- Valentine's Day


Watch from Miniso, Village Market (Ksh 350)

Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day

Bike from Toy World, Village Market (Ksh 6,999)

Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day

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5 years ago

Last year’s valentine was so funny, but I related to it.

This year’s idea is great and very practical. Everyone is happy…
I think this year I’ll gift myself though. Order online then have it delivered. Very gratifying feeling honestly. You know what is in the box and yet you are so excited to unbox.


5 years ago

Nice read. I always enjoy your blogs.

5 years ago

Learning from past experiences 😉
That’s wise…

5 years ago

I remember the flowers ordeal last Valentines.

Purchasing your own gifts is such a bomb idea. Saves us the hussle of having to hide our ” why the hell would you think I would want this” face when we get absurd gifts that we have to pretend we like!

I will totally use that for my friends birthdays.

Happy valentine’s Joy and to your family. Mine will be spent preparing for my exams that start on 15th!

Love X life


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