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April 9, 2018
Lilmissbelle- Seychelles

1. Love is a burden. A beautiful burden. You glow, you bleed, and then you glow some more. And you grow too.
2. Roaming is the quickest way to go broke-I incurred 350 bob RECEIVING a call for 45 seconds in Seychelles 🇸🇨
3. I want to age like my dad. He makes 70 look so cool, and easy.
4. Silence is bliss. I now understand why my mum used to be hot under the collar when my dad would watch news on the highest possible TV volume.
5. I thought Santorini, Greece was expensive until I visited Seychelles. One grilled fish with chips, a soda and a bottle of water ON THE STREETS cost us the equivalent of Ksh 2,000. Six raw warus in the market go for Ksh 150! A fridge magnet is Ksh 500, so dear friends, don’t expect anything from me.
6. The Ego is the devil. Find a way to get over it. (Thanks Oprah!The podcast with The Rev. Ed Bacon)
7. Nothing lasts forever.
8. Kenya Airways is beyond saving – Check In crew demanded a Visa and almost did not give me a boarding pass yet Visas to Seychelles are acquired on arrival.
9. Kids say the most outrageously true things. Xena thinks my teeth are too big!
10. If I could do it all over again, I would still chose him.
11. Paragliding is refreshing. As you take off, you feel you’ve rid yourself all your fears and worries. And obligations. Only to come back to reality.
12. If you choose to roam, never leave your mobile data on. You may just commit suicide.
13. I almost wish my younger daughter stays 2.5 years a lil longer. Her words make me ridiculously happy. Like when she says “a vav u”. And bobo for pawpaw.
14. I wonder if I was ever as close to any of my siblings growing up as my daughters are to each other. It’s beautiful to watch them fight and make up.
15. I can’t wait for Xena to start writing. She is ridiculously funny. She makes random sarcastic comments laced with humour.
16. My current obsession with travel is worrisome.
17. You are never too old to cry. I used to think that adults don’t cry, like I imagined my mother would never cry because crying is for babies. I was wrong. I could cry because someone called me Joyce instead of Joy.
18. Food is essential for survival, but it’s also toxic.
19. I think Naikuni left with all of KQ’s chills. They give no fcuk about nothing. On our flight to Seychelles, one of the cabin crew guys had a heavy Kalenjin accent . When he made announcements, he sounded like he was rapping a traditional song, like those ones for circumcision.
20. The mister thinks I should eat more carbs. I think he just wants me fat.
21. There needs to be a degree in motherhood. It’s unfortunate that there’s no manual. We, mothers, are always winging it.
22. Artists are passionate. It’s amazing to see them at work.
23. I need to learn to accept that not everything in life makes sense. Like how the moon can be visible when the sun is shining. Or what security guards usually look for in our handbags by just peeping. Or why some people think it’s cool to ignore others.
24. Running at 5am is like venturing into an imaginary Kingdom only I lives in. My own Wakanda. I don’t even use music any more. It’s an insult to nature.
25. My father in law is the quintessential gentleman. I am yet to meet anyone like him.
26. If it doesn’t excite my taste buds, I don’t eat it. The flavors have to explode in my mouth before I can push it down my gut.
27. I am still a sapiosexual. And a sucker for humor.
28. A toddler’s mind is like a sponge, you’ll be amazed at how much it can absorb. And the memory is twice as good. I can’t afford to make promises I can’t keep to Xena. She’ll haunt me.
29. Never underestimate the value of freebies. Like this peach bag in my photo that I got for free from His & Her Scents as part of a Bath &Body Works fragrance hamper worth 6k. I could never think of a more useful travel accessory.
30. If I could go back in time, I would appreciate my childhood more.
31. In my few years of travel, I can confidently say that Africa has the best beaches. So far, Seychelles takes the cup. Pure white sand with no sight of coral or sea urchins. Mbudya Island in Dar Es Salaam comes second.
32. My mum gives a whole new meaning to faith. And stoicism.
33. As I turn 33, I pray that I can finally stop procrastinating. And learn how to keep time. If not for anything else, for the sake of the mister’s peace. Also, I wish I discovered lifestyle writing 10 years ago. And the Financial Times. The two, coupled with running and travel, give me life.

Bonus points:
34. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting yourself first every so often.
35. No lesson in life goes wasted and no dream is too far-fetched. Dream it, and work towards it. Which brings me to my last point. I’ll be accepting the below as birthday gifts:

A fitness band- tired of running with my phone.  Garmin Vivofit 4, Tomtom Spark 3, Fitbit Charge 2.
A Kindle- some of my favourite reads are hard to get on hard copy, much as I still want to have a library where I stack up all my books.
Mercedes E350- because a girl can continue to dream.
Jimmy Choo’s perfume-Blossom

Finally, we’ve been nominated for BAKE Awards once again under the Lifestyle Category, 19.b. If you think we deserve it, please vote for us here and let’s take this baby home.

Lilmissbelle- Seychelles


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  • mercy

    you teach me so many words now i have to read with a dictionary next to me ,your humor is beyond level 101 ( i mean it should explain xena’s too right?


    Happy birthday Joy!!! 33 and slaying! Awesome piece with some food(s) for thought(s).😃😃😃. Wishing you the most fantastic years ahead full of God’s favour.

    You being twice my age but same weight as me makes me feel not so young anymore😦😦.

    Joan Chelangat

    Happy birthday Joy,I wish you love and genuine happiness.
    Keep running and exploring the world you impel me.


    ..aaawww hahaa … 😍😍😍 Beaaaautiful post ..❣..

    Everything well put.. Happy happy Birthday Mama …Wishing you a beautiful & Blessed year ahead ..❣❣


    Happy birthday beautiful. You age better than wine. Thankyou for the tip on FT. Lemmie check if I can get a subscription.
    About your gifts, where can we possibly drop them off to? An address perhaps for dropping off your key to the E350?
    Because a girl’s dream can come true 🙂

    Sometime Writer

    I’m 9 and (a half years emphasis on the half :)) younger but when I grow up (some more) I want to be able to succeed and at the same time be as fulfilled and blissfully happy as you seem to be. Thank you for this. Happy Birthday Mama Xena and May 33 be your best one yet.


    Voted. Pick the key to the Merc E350 bearing a tag with your name. It is hidden in one of your dreams. Happy birthday mate. Age.


    Great read as always…happy birthday Joy**🤣🤣🤣…please don’t cry…i made sure the last 2 letters were!! May God continue to bless you…and help you realise atleast some of your birthday-dream-gifts-wishlist… all the best with the Bake awards…2nd time’s a charmer..Hope you get to bring it home this time.. 😉😉


    Happy birthday!! May you be blessed with joy & happiness on this day, and all the days of your life. May you have many, many more! :-* :-*


    Happy Birthday Joyce🤣🤣🤣
    Good lessons to have learnt as they will make 33 on easier… I hope 🤞.
    God bless you


    As always a great read. Smiling at your birthday gift wish list – well thought through. Enjoy your vacay, happy 33rd birthday and yeah, I have voted

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