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May 22, 2018
Lilmissbelle- MUA

She gave my face one last furry stroke, making me wish I was her canvas for a living. She then whispered, “You can now look.” Much as I was curious about the transformation, I wanted to sit there in complete silence for another ten minutes and relish that moment. My face had never received that much love. This was my second time getting a face beat, the first time five years ago a few hours before I said my vows. I know they say your first (insert what you deem appropriate) will live an indelible mark but this one defied that adage. My second face beat was remarkably amazing, wiping off any memory I might have had of my first time.

The sensation that session evoked came a close second to the head and shoulder massage that Rex, one of my former hairdressers in town, used to give. How many of you know Rex of Hair Art? And did you all go there mostly for the massage? It’s ok, you can be honest. We don’t judge on this platform. Rex would knead your neck and upper back so passionately for a cool 15 minutes before sending you to the dryer. And once your hair dried and the curls were ready to be rolled out, he would gently pull out the rollers then send you into delirium with the most hypnotizing head massage. Boy, I miss Rex.

Finally, I slowly opened my eyes afraid that I would not be able to recognize the person on the other side. True to my thoughts, she was a stranger. A beautiful stranger. Make Up Academy Kenya had asked me to step in as the model for a campaign they were running, and I said why not. I didn’t mind getting dolled up and posing for photos that I would get to keep and show my daughters when I am sixty that I was once with it. And because I knew that it would be a while before I looked and felt that gorgeous again, I planned to have a date after the shoot. Sadly, it was a big fail, thanks to Nairobi traffic. The plan was to be at Olesereni by 6pm where we would sit at the pool deck and watch a most spectacular sunset and hopefully catch a few deer and giraffes enjoying the spectacle as well. I only got there at 9.00pm after keeping my date waiting for three hours. Nairobi traffic is truly a romance killer.

Thankfully, Make Up Academy Kenya are currently running a campaign where for only KES 250, one gets a face makeover. Hopefully, I will step into one of their outlets after work and surprise the mister to a new wife. Also, on that evening, I will not have to deal with Xena’s favorite question, one which almost has my esteem at rock bottom “Mama, how come you have no eyebrows?”

Should you also feel the need to get pampered, you can get this done at Goodlife stores (The Junction, Village Market, Westgate, Cedarmall Nanyuki) and AVA pharmacy at the HUB.

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There will come a time when I will be 18 and allowed to put on some good make-up..Until then let me just admire your beautiful photos and pray that MUA academy will have an offer then too.

Liz Wambeti

I know Rex. He cuts my hair and I looove these massages. Kwanza when I go with hubby I have to try so hard not to close my eyes 😅😅. You look so beautiful.


For someone who’s never had their face beat like this, I am sold! Kwanza it came at the opportune moment: I have a wedding to attend next weekend. Guess who’ll show up looking like a million bucks? 😊😊 Thanks for this

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