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July 31, 2018

“Mama, are you a footballer?” She cast a random question my way, something she loves to do lately.

“No, are you?”

“You know I am!” She says, in reference to the fact that I signed her up for soccer at school.

“What’s your position?” I ask her trying to pick her mind on how much of this football gig she has learnt so far.

“Position? What is that?” She retorts.

“What kind of footballer are you if you don’t have a position?” I challenge her.

“”I am the coolest footballer ever. That’s my position.”



I didn’t see that coming, and I doubt you did either.

Lately, she’s been boxing me and pushing me in corners where I struggle to find my balance or even pick myself up from.  She makes such smart observations and asks extremely hard questions and when I can’t answer, she is quick to say “But I thought you read, how come you don’t know?” This is something I used to tell her in the past to encourage her to read. Little did I know I was setting myself up. The other day, she found a tampon on my bed and asked me what it was for. Confused, I tried diverting her attention and told her to go check if someone was at the door. She was back in what felt like a second.

“Mama I think you are growing old. There is no one at the door.”

“I could have sworn I heard the doorbell.” I said.

“So what is this thing for?” She picked up the tampon and examined it like a lab technician would his samples.

“It’s for cleaning ears. Elephant ears.” (When cornered by kids you say the dumbest things! Don’t judge)

“Whoa! Why do you have it?”

“Because when we visited the Elephant Sanctuary in Bali we were given these to clean their ears.” I said, with a straight face. I even had balancing tears as suddenly I was missing these imaginary elephants whose ears I had cleaned.

***We are taking a break for about eight weeks to figure things around here. This place feels prosaic. It definitely needs a revamp, something which will only work best if we temporarily close shop. In the mean time, keep up with our shenanigans on IG @lil_missbelle. See you in October!**


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5 years ago

We will miss you!! Come back with a bang I hope

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