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Book Hangover

May 8, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Book Hangover

Someone once told me that a reader wrote to him saying he wanted to cuddle with his words. I was appalled. What made it worse was the fact that this reader was male, and obviously so was the person whose…

Books & Toys, Lifestyle, Mommy Musings

Mommy Musings- I refuse to keep my child at home this holiday.

November 3, 2016
Lilmissbelle- Young engineers 1

Has your child ever uttered a word or spewed out a stream of consonants that made you want to entirely dissociate yourself from them? Especially in a public place. Like the supermarket. Picture this. You are traipsing along one of…

Books & Toys

Party Bags For Toddlers

January 20, 2016
Lilmisbelle-Party Bags 1

It’s mid week already. The month that is thought to last forever is actually in its last days. I looked at my resolutions for the year last evening and was embarrassed to see that some things that I was to…

Books & Toys

For the love of LEGO

January 13, 2016
Lilmissbelle-Lego 10

If there is one thing that my three year old daughter does passionately, it has to be playing Lego. If there is a Lego club in Kenya then she definitely needs to be a member. Seriously. The level of concentration…

Books & Toys

Books are life

January 7, 2016
Lilmissbelle-Books 9

Books are life. Forget water! Her uncle asked her last night where she bought her pajamas from and to our amazement, she responded “the clothes store”! I kid you not. This girl’s vocabulary is developing faster than she can say…


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