Lil’missbelle Foundation

It goes without saying that when God has blessed you with the basic needs of food, shelter & clothing, and more, you are naturally a vessel through which the under privileged get to know of his love for them as well. As such, the Lil’missbelle Foundation is all about giving back to society in whichever way we are able to, especially when it comes to children. We hope for a world where all kids will know the love of a parent, the warmth and security that family brings along, a world where children will not struggle to access basic needs and their health will not be at risk due to improper living conditions and lack of insurance covers and finally, a world where all children will have access to education because only then, will they be empowered.

Fun day with kids from Priscillah and Anjelica Chalk Foundation on Sunday December 6th, 2015.

Wanna be part of this? Read all about in on “A helping hand” and get in touch with me through the Contact Me page.

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