Lilmissbelle- Kabeyu
Fitness, Inspiration

Kabeyu the fat slayer; From size 16 to 8 in a year.

To lose 20 kgs is commendable, but to lose 20kgs in five months and stay on track is exceptional. And no, 34-year old Kabeyu Ng’ang’a did not check herself into a secluded wellness centre to achieve this. She was at…

April 3, 2018
Lilmissbelle- We Need To Talk
Mommy Musings

We Need To Talk

As we waited for the Askari to open the gate, my friend made a comment about how easy it was to locate my home. “I know, right?” I exclaimed! “Would you believe Uber drivers still get lost?” “I am not…

March 19, 2018
Lilmissbelle- Eva Biegon

Eva Biegon-The Unconventional Woman

At half past one, I dart past Fairview Hotel’s quintessentially British reception. I then make a sharp left turn -almost skidding on the tiled floor-as I scamper through the marble walkway. It is punctuated with palm trees and a million…

March 12, 2018
Lilmissbelle- Shopping
Daddy's Musings

A Man’s Nightmare

There are many things I despise and I must admit that top of the list is shopping. Worst is shopping for the missus and or, with the missus. Yes, I said it, I hate it. I always tried to avoid…

February 26, 2018
Lilmissbelle- Running

Of Runs, Cops and Dopamine

The thing about running that gets me out of bed in the morning is its ability to clear my head. Usually, I get distracted easily. It’s extremely hard for me to focus on one thing for more than ten minutes. Say…

February 19, 2018
Lilmissbelle- Valentine's Day

Gifts For The Entire Family This Valentine’s Day

The mister and I have never been big on celebrating Valentine’s Day. In fact, we’ve generally never been big on commonplace. Please do not mistake this for a snobbish attitude. All I am saying is that we prefer to go…

February 12, 2018
Xena's chronicles

When your child’s comments numb you

The most profound thing I have learnt about extroverted toddlers -from raising a highly opinionated five-year old girl- is that one can never anticipate what comes out of their mouths whenever they decide to speak. The mister and I are…

February 5, 2018
Lilmissbelle- Collabor Active Wear

Get Up & Get Moving

The hardest bit about engaging in any fitness activity is not enduring the arduousness of it all. It is getting up and getting moving. If you prefer to work out in the morning like I do, convincing yourself to get…

January 29, 2018
Lilmissbelle- Daddy Daughter
Travel, Xena's chronicles

When The Cat Is Away

***In today’s feature, Xena’s dad narrates his experience going on vacation with Xena, just the two of them. Thanks Renato for stepping in. I honestly had no idea what I was going to put up this Monday!*** Your kids will teach you…

January 22, 2018
Lilmissbelle- Hong Kong-11-2017-09-29-31

Hong Kong in Five Days: Part Two

If you did not catch the first part of my adventures in Hong Kong, I suggest you start by covering that here. Otherwise reading this feature will feel like trying to find your way out off a dense forest at midnight (not sure…

January 15, 2018
Lilmissbelle- 2018
Mommy Musings

Adding Chaos To My Life

On my last night in Vietnam last year, I walked into my room on the 15th floor of Diamond Sea Hotel at 6:30pm and literally ran to the balcony. The porter was right behind me, briefing me on the amenities…

January 8, 2018
Lilmissbelle- Kisumu

The Perfect Day in Kisumu

While half of Nairobi migrated to the coast, we spent Christmas like we have done in the past five years. In Kericho at Xena’s paternal grandfolks home, surrounded by tea, trees and love, the weather unusually warm and rousing and…

December 27, 2017


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