Lilmissbelle- Concours
Xena's chronicles


Yesterday as we were driving along James Gichuru road after attending church, Xena had her head craned (as always) analysing all the billboards we came across. “Who’s that guy?” She asked, pointing at a billboard with a “big-boned” guy in a vest and…

September 25, 2017

Postcard From Meteora, Greece

When I mentioned to the hostess at the reception that we wanted a room with a proper view, I wasn’t prepared for what was about to unfold. It was our second day in Greece and we had just checked into…

September 22, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Nairobi Restaurants
Lifestyle, Mommy Musings

Last Page

For the longest time, my brain has found it hard to internalize Friday as a working day. This is probably because of the culture in the industry that I work for. When I was a junior analyst about six years…

September 18, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Change
Fitness, Inspiration


I have been longing for some adventure for a while now but no opportunity seems to crop up. At least every two months, the wanderlust in me experiences the urge to get out of my cocoon and do something out…

September 15, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Delphi

Postcard from Delphi, Greece.

At 7.00am, after siting through numbing cold at the foyer of Melia Hotel (Athens) for about 10 minutes, the call from the travel agent finally came through. Our bus, a black Mercedes coach was waiting outside the hotel. It was our…

September 11, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Purpose
Inspiration, Mommy Musings

When you find your PURPOSE

I have been running Lil’missbelle for a little over two years now. The blog was conceived as a memoir of my first-born daughter Xena, something she would look at when she’s a feral teenager who thinks that her folks are…

September 8, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Terrible Two
Mommy Musings, Xena's chronicles

Terrible Twos

She’s bilious and easily provoked, like a woman on her menses. Or a village bully hungry for a fight. I will walk into the house from work, and from the kitchen, she will advance jubilantly with her hands in the…

September 4, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Writer's Block
Mommy Musings

Writer’s Block

I have been experiencing writer’s block yet again. The last time I struggled this hard was in July, right after the monstrous CFA exam. I went to Champagne Ridge in Ngong, stared at some hills from 6.00am for about an…

September 1, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Capetown
Mommy Musings, Travel

The Other Side Of Capetown

I walk into the hotel bar, a quintessentially intimate space with about five mahogany tables that rest on a thick grey rug.  A long counter stretches at the far end. The room smells of elegance. It is deserted save for…

August 21, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Xena
Xena's chronicles

The Sweaty Sun

“So where has the sun gone mama? ” She tilts her seat a notch lower to get a better view of the sky as she shoots me the question. “It’s tired, just like you and I. So, it has called…

August 18, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Karura
Hanging Out With Kids, Lifestyle

When your kids drive you nuts.

You must find yourself chewing over this time and time again. I bet you at least once every week, you lie on your back in your bed staring at the crack on the ceiling and you wonder,  “What do I…

August 14, 2017
Lilmissbelle _ Sandton

Defying Murphy’s Law

Everything that is meant to go wrong, will go wrong. Ever heard of that maxim coined by one of those ancient physicists? I got a taste of that yesterday, and a very bitter taste for that matter. Right after my…

July 31, 2017


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