Lilmissbelle Istanbul

Why Kenyans Can’t Swim

We had about 30 minutes to kill before our taxi picked us up from the hotel to head to the airport. It was our last day in Istanbul. We had just wound up a refreshingly magical cruise on the Bosphorus- a…

July 26, 2017

When Your Child’s Singing Freaks You Out!

You are seated at the dinning table just about to have your breakfast. It’s 7.30 am on a freezing Tuesday morning, so you’ve prepared your standard meal of two eggs, well done and a mug of black coffee with no…

July 21, 2017
Lilmissbelle Amazon
Fashion & Style, Travel

Why Amazon Is Your Friend

The break you badly need is finally here, so you decide to start off your holiday with a bang. It is Tuesday evening and therefore only natural that you round-up your Jazz loving friends, even those who just love booze…

July 14, 2017
Lilmissbelle Radisson Blu
Food & Entertainment, Lifestyle

It is OK to be selfish.

Leaving one’s young kids behind is no easy thing. It is unnerving, much like a life changing job interview is. It could also be likened to the emotions experienced when faced with a work presentation that determines whether you are…

July 7, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Santorini

Santorini- Gloriously Resplendent

I remember how spellbound I was when I first saw a picture of the Island of Santorini, Greece. The landscape was breathtakingly dramatic, the kind that postcards were made of. I stared at the image for hours on end, its…

July 4, 2017
Lilmissbelle London

A City, A Run

Two people, a man and a woman (not necessarily a couple), walk into a shopping mall. It hosts about 100+ stores, most of which sell outfits. The man is interested in buying a bow tie which he plans on donning…

June 26, 2017
Lilmissbelle- The Dress
Fashion & Style

The dress

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so why don’t we put that maxim to test today? By the time you get this post I will be 11,366.7 km away (thanks Google!). I am saving my brainpower…

June 22, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Ngong Hills
Lifestyle, Travel

The more things change.

I have been staring at this magnificent hill for about twenty minutes trying to gather courage to write. At 6.00am, the sky is dark and the hill only appears as a silhouette. I imagine that suddenly the curtains will fall…

June 20, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Book Hangover
Books & Toys, Lifestyle, Mommy Musings

Book Hangover

Someone once told me that a reader wrote to him saying he wanted to cuddle with his words. I was appalled. What made it worse was the fact that this reader was male, and obviously so was the person whose…

May 8, 2017
Lifestyle, Mommy Musings

Toto Wraps- A Mother’s Treasure

It is 6.00am and I am at JKIA waiting to board a flight to Mombasa for a work event that takes place in the evening. I hope to publish this post before the flight takes off because once I get…

May 4, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Vipingo Ridge
Lifestyle, Travel

Vipingo Ridge Saves The Day!

Over the past long weekend that culminated in Labor Day, my family and I traveled to Mombasa together with another family that is close to our hearts. We had an interestingly thought-provoking experience which I will sum up in five points and…

May 3, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Toto Wraps
Fashion & Style, Mommy Musings

The African Print

A month ago, Xena’s school set out to present a play to the parents as they always do every Easter and Christmas. A week to the play, her diary had this note slipped in. “Please note that the Easter concert will…

April 26, 2017


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