Medina Palms-Truly Magical

June 10, 2015

My Easter holiday was spent in a small coastal town north of Mombasa called Watamu. Medina Palms, an award winning luxury hotel set on the beautiful sandy beaches of Watamu, was our home for the four day Easter break. From the moment we waked in, I was awed by the beauty of the hotel. I thought of myself as Alice in Wonderland, a little princes in this truly beautiful palace.

Besides its magnificent beauty, what struck me the most is how children friendly the establishment is. The design of the swimming pools is such that the baby pools have been crafted as small terraces that adjoin the adult pools, which is quite scenic and at the same time, allowed mummy to keep a watchful eye over me. Moreover, the pools open up to a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean!

My most memorable moment was at the beach, which was like a minute walk from our room. Mummy allowed me to walk barefoot and play with sand, the cleanest sand I’ve ever seen (perhaps that’s why). It was a task getting me out of there. I tried filling my shoes with sand, hopefully I could get to take some with me –I thought wrong….

We took walks on the beach every morning and evening. In the morning the tide was so low, revealing beautiful coral and amazing sea creatures right on the shore. Large families of eels, butterfly fish, octopus and crab can be spotted on the nearby corals, without having to take a boat ride! Quite frankly, I was initially terrified when I saw the creatures.

When mummy and daddy wanted to spend time alone (I doubt I am that boring but anyway), they would take me to Nemo’s Cave, a well-equipped kiddy play area far away from their nagging. This place would definitely put most playschools to shame. Most of my afternoons were spent there painting, colouring, drawing, cooking and making new friends under the careful watch of some lovely nannies and teachers.

We had an Easter egg hunt activity on the morning of Easter Sunday which was so much fun. I managed to find two eggs and loads of candies!

Believe it or not, a children’s kids’ spa awaits you at Medina palms. Nothing more relaxing and revitalizing like a chocolate massage after an action packed day. Their Africology range of hair and skin care products will leave you feeling on top of the world.

Have I mentioned that the penthouses, quite massive with two floors, have a private Jacuzzi? Four days in that penthouse was not enough for me. One more thing. Medina Palms provides Africology range of hair and skin care products in the bathrooms and thanks to this, I discovered the most amazing hair product for my curly and kinky hair. The Africology Shampoo and Conditioner have done my hair so much good it’s a pity mummy forgot to inquire where to get them locally (they are made in South Africa). The beauty about them is that they are so rich, you only need to use very little.

We also got to check out Medina’s fashion boutique which had amazing stuff at such pocket friendly prices! I got myself swimming floaters while mummy got a gorgeous orange maxi dress.

So, the next time your parents are planning a holiday be sure to suggest Medina Palms, they will not regret it as its truly good value for their money.


My first travel post is dedicated to the mommies and daddies, friends and families that lost their loved ones during the Garissa University attack in Northern Kenya, which happened the same day I arrived in Watamu. While I may not understand their pain, it is my prayer that God will give them the strength to overcome their loss.

It is also my sincere hope that this post will encourage the world to visit this beautiful country in support of the tourism sector that has negatively been affected by the attacks


Dad armed with his wisdom and Samsung Note 4, as well as mum’s hTCM8. Hopefully I can buy him a professional camera someday!


Dressed by House of Tych, United Kingdom.

About Medina Palms

Medina Palms was voted the best hotel in Kenya in the recent Trip Advisor Traveller’s choice awards for 2015. The hotel is ranked among the top 25 hotels in Africa for its service and facilities – not surprising considering I was never left out even for a minute. Trust me, it’s a lifetime experience!

About Watamu

Watamu is a small coastal town located 105 kms North of Mombasa. The town is easily accessible by road or by flight through the Malindi airport. Did you know that a newly discovered species of the largest spitting cobra in the world was discovered in this town in 2007?

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