Tea Time! (Kericho Chronicles Part 1 of 3)

June 15, 2015

About two weeks ago, I woke up thinking it was a normal school day and after getting dressed up, I was not amused at the fact that my parents were not in their usual morning rush to get out of the house. Upon asking mummy to take me to school, she casually responded that it was a Saturday and therefore school was not open. I was distraught to say the least (see YouTube video)

Anyway, daddy convinced me that he had a surprise for me and knowing how I love surprises, I quickly calmed down. Turned out we were taking a drive to an “out of town” destination where we would spend the Madaraka Day weekend. Our journey started at 9.00am. It was quite chilly outside but my leather jacket with neoprene lining and my new canvas boots were clearly up to the task!

In no time, I was strapped up and about to doze off especially after having woken up quite early on a Saturday. No wonder I was sure it was a school day since ordinarily my weekends start at 10.00am and not 7.00am!!

I woke up at around midday to a box of pizza and hot chocolate next to me. My parents must have stopped over to grab these goodies while I was in dreamland. Immediately after drowning them, I felt the urge to take a pee but turns out my potty was not part of our luggage!! I think mummy is growing old quite fast given that she’s been very forgetful of late. Sigh. We had just passed Nakuru town and were about half an hour into the Nakuru-Eldoret highway when after several pleas, Daddy decided to stop over at this lush secluded area where I finally emptied my bladder. I bet the look on my face shows all levels of relief! Haha! Did you know an elephant’s bladder can hold nearly 18 litres of fluid? Well in my next life I want to be an elephant. More realistically, I think when I grow up I’ll be fine since my parents clearly did not seem to have any bladder issues!

One and a half hours later, we wound up on the most unbelievably scenic road I had ever seen. Both sides of the road were covered with unending stretches of tea plantations that seemed to disappear into the horizon.

We drove into one of the tea estates and luckily at the entrance the guard only took down our car registration and dint ask any questions! Five minutes into the tea plantation, we found this weighing area that was just the perfect spot for my photos.

Finally, we got back onto the road and ten minutes later, we ended up at grandpa’s shop in Kericho town. It was a two way surprise as all along I did not know that our journey was going to lead us to grandpa’s and he was also not aware that we were visiting! For the first time, I was trully glad that school was closed haha!

I hope you enjoyed the photos considering the many miles we had to travel to capture them :). It would be nice to know how you spent your long weekend so please leave a comment below or just let me know what you think of day one of my vacay. Watch this space for the sequel to my Kericho chronicles.

Love, lil_missbelle.

My outfit

Jacket- Jet Stores

Top and Boots-Mr Price

Stretch pants-Gift from my grandma


Daddy dearest, this time with Uncle Paul’s Canon DSLR and not his mobile phone..See we moving on up (even on borrowed stuff lol)

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8 years ago

Because am happy 🙂

8 years ago

I love it! Mine was at Kampala but yours sounds more fun: what with all the scenery to take in. Can’t wait for part two!

……..Why are you walking like you are on the moon though? :”D

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