How to stay winning!

October 23, 2015

You all know how hard it can be to remain as passionate as you previously were in something you once really loved when you find a more exciting alternative. At least for me, that’s what happens. From toys, to cartoons to food stuff, i tend to drop my addictions when i discover new ones. So you can all understand why i felt that my sister, being the latest addition to our family and an amazing one at that, would take over from me as the “trending” subject in our household. For that reason, i had to be smart and find ways of remaining valuable in order to continue getting the love, affection and pampering that I am used to. I hope you can borrow some tips from this list!

1. Offer to drive your folks around whenever they want to run errands (as if!). Ok more like accompany them.

Lil'missbelle-How to stay winning 1

2.Teach your baby sister how to pose for the camera while you take her photos, all the while ensuring she doesn’t get better than you. Though i think this one is a natural! Check out that pout.

Lil'missbelle-How to stay winning 2

Lil'missbelle-How to stay winning 3

3. Offer to share your party bag with your baby sister knowing pretty well that she’s to young to grasp or play with anything for that matter, leaving you to hog on all contents without looking selfish.

Lil'missbelle-How to stay winning 4

Lil'missbelle-How to stay winning 5

4. Always remember to have a few moments of bonding with your sibling before bedtime, where you sing them all the rhymes learnt from school and poke their nose and cheeks whenever mommy looks away.

Lil'missbelle-How to stay winning 6

Lil'missbelle-How to stay winning 7

5. Remind mommy that baby needs constant watching over, which also applies when they are taking a nap. Therefore, pretend to watch over them while they are sleeping in mommy’s bed and slowly crawl in and take over the bed like a boss!

Lil'missbelle-How to stay winning 8

Love, Lil’missbelle.

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8 years ago

Looking great munchkin but watch out your little sister might take over very soon. And pls no poking her be nice to her ❤️❤️❤️❤️

8 years ago

Too cute

8 years ago

Too sweet for days. That pout is on point like a decimal. You all look so gorgeous and those tips are perfect.

I did the driving alot when my brother came along afew years ago. And also remember you are now the big sister, the pressure to be a role model has just begun….

8 years ago
Reply to  Lil'missbelle

It gets easier or rather you learn to adjust as time goes by.
And when Xia grows a little more and you can go play with her outside, tables will turn n mummy will find ways to stay winning with y’all

8 years ago

lovo love you lil missbelle.

8 years ago

That pout is so on point!!Hehe…taking over mommy’s bed is a trick you have to perfect, now that sweet sister is here!!

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