Photography 101

October 21, 2015

Midterm is truly the best thing that ever happened, of course after those toy phones that we kids are given at For You Chinese Restaurant :). I have been totally enjoying this well deserved break and unlike other times where I get to travel, staying at home with my baby sister has been pure bliss for me.

Photography By Charles Ngomo Of RoyalReel Photography

She just turned one month old and is already looking like she’ll start walking soon. I kid you not, this girl is growing at an alarming rate. And boy can she stare! Her big gorgeous eyes are being put into good use, exploring and analyzing anything and everything at any chance she gets when she is not asleep, considering she sleeps a lot. I have decided to waste no time away from her and for that reason, I had Charles come over for this shoot, to give me a few lessons on photography seeing that there are already too many beautiful moments to capture. Looking forward to an even more exciting week next week as I feature one of the most requested posts on this blog, in partnership with an establishment you will be glad to know of, if you don’t already. Stay tuned!

Love, Lil’missbelle.

Long Sleeve Tee-Mr Price

Denim Dungaree Shorts-Woolworths, The Junction

Sandals-Bata Kenya

Lilmissbelle-Photography 101-2

Lilmissbelle-Photography 101-3

Lilmissbelle-Photography 101-4

Lilmissbelle-Photography 101-5

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8 years ago

Well I’m looking forward to the feature and some of your own photographs. ENJOY the new venture and all the best.
And sweety be careful not to use the camera’s flash on your sister’s big gorgeous eyes, it does alot of harm to babies.

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