A helping hand

November 17, 2015

Ever walked on the streets and seen some tiny little humans crawling or walking around aimlessly and so carefree, or begging for money or food, and just as you are wondering where on earth is there mother, you spot her as you take the next corner, seated on the ground, in a daze, looking like she has no worry in the world? Or sometimes there’s no mother and you realize they are actually by themselves. Or when you are not watching Cbeebies or Nickelodeon or Jimjam, you turn to the local news channels and watch or hear of kids who have been molested by their parents or relatives? That is just to mention but a few of the atrocities that children face. And what do we normally do about it? Our hearts get filled with sadness, and we say a prayer for those kids when we go to sleep, asking God to find them a home, where they will be safe from the cold ruthless streets and from the predators. We then forget about those kids and move on with our lives, getting back to the next episode of Dora, Teletubbies, Mr Maker, Pingu or whatever cartoon we love most.

Well, God does find them a home. One of them is the Priscillah and Anjelica Chalk’s Foundation based in Ngong which provides refuge to 50+ kids who have been afflicted in various ways, and affords them food, education and above all, a home and a sense of family and security. Currently, the kids’ ages range from 6 weeks to 18 years.

As part of our first Lil’missbelle Foundation initiative and as part of a group of friends who support the home on a monthly basis, we have decided to take the kids to a funfair at the Nairobi Lunar Park, located next to Railways Sports Club Nairobi, on Sunday December 6th where we can all get to make merry and have some fun in the spirit of Christmas, and thereafter, send the kids home with some goodies. What’s more, we are inviting you, our dear readers, to support this worthy cause by sponsoring a child and also coming through with your kids. For those without kids, please sponsor a child and come through as well because adults have been known to have more fun on those rides than kids!

A contribution of KSH 1,000 will cater for one child’s rides and food for the day (each ride goes for between KSH 150 to KSH 250). You are invited to contribute however little or much you can noting that a little goes a long way. All excess monies will be used to buy foodstuff and clothes for the kids, especially warm ones to cater for this cold season. Additionally, if you have any clothes, shoes, bedding, books, or anything else that you think would be valuable to the kids, kindly carry them with you to Lunar Park on that day.

To be part of this, kindly send an email with your name and phone number to or get in touch with us from the Contact Me section of this website.

Looking forward to meeting all of you and putting faces to the names that I have come across so far!

Love, Lil’missbelle.

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[…] three weeks ago, we decided to give the kids a Christmas treat which I talked about under A Helping Hand. A friend suggested we take them out for a day of fun, instead of visiting them at their […]

8 years ago

This is so great of you,see you there!! Xx

8 years ago

Proverbs 19: 17 Whoever is kind to the poor lends to God, and they will be rewarded for what they have done.

8 years ago

Am all in darling my contribution will come through mummy. Keep up with the good job!!

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