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December 23, 2015

The other day my baby sister was making a lot of noise. My mum told me it is called cooing. I was winding up on my breakfast which consisted of oatmeal, something I have come to enjoy of late. Lying on the swing, her favourite spot, and staring at the small bears that hung overhead, she carried on with her uuuus, guuuus and aaahs. Finally I walked up to her and she gave me this big smile, a wide toothless grin that always melts our hearts. And when I leaned over to give her a kiss, she grabbed a few strands of my braids and pulled them so hard I fell on her bumping her forehead. It led to heavy crying from both of us, of course mine was louder and uglier. I think she was revenging for all the moments I have bullied her, as seen here. Needless to say, I learnt that she is no longer as helpless as I have always perceived her to be and in no time, she’ll be roughing me up. Or we will be roughing up the neighbourhood bullies. Watch out for this tag team.

I will quickly take stock of the year that was below:

My sister Xia: The best thing that ever happened to me, of course after For U restaurant, not coz of its food but all the phones they have given me this year. I always want to play with her (read grab her hands and make a dancing motion, pull her legs and do the same) which gets her cooing and smiling endlessly.I wish I could play with her all night long but I am always sent to bed at 8.30. I get jealous that she has no sleeping curfew.

Colors: Ealier on in the year, I only knew one colour. Colour lellow. I now dare you to a colour identification contest. Traffic lights go green, then orange then red. My favourite pair of shoes is colour pink. My mom loves green nail polish and red lipstick. Daddy’s watch is black. The list is endless.

Pronunciation: From fia (finger), swetat (sweater), tisapian(disappear), mahi (mercy), oyode (all of them), benda (Brenda) and my all time favourite yabbit hehe. I got all of that right. All in a years work. I still say wemi (let me) and my mum thinks it’s the sweetest thing. I am currently working on consability (responsibility) as I am always told it is my responsibility to keep my toys.

Counting to 20: Need I say more?

Mercy: My nanny, my playmate, my best friend. I get sad when she goes to kangware (Kawangware) over the weekends and often I ask to go with her. She’s God’s gift to my family.

My first vacation-Medina Palms: Every time I hear or see a plane in the sky I quickly scream “Look at that aeroplane! It’s going to Watamu!!” Of course informed by my first vacation as recounted here. Medina Palms is Disney world to me and I pray that you all get a chance to go there, if you haven’t. Eric if you are reading this please organise something for my family? It’s been a long 8 months!

Discovering Sprouts Salon: “Mommy and me” time is everything for me. And Sprouts Salon offers that. We both get dolled up at the same time. If she’s getting a pedicure I demand to have my nails painted as well. I watch cartoons as they are making my hair. And they have the most patient hairdressers. Ask for Judy when you go there.

Matt the developer: He keeps my blog looking fancy (the layout) and is quick to fix any issues that come up. Yet none of us has met him. Ever. Not daddy, not mummy, not myself. I am still trying to figure out what gift to get him for Christmas.

Charles Ngomo my photographer: His images have transformed this blog from a hobby to a commercial venture. He has the midas touch and most of all, he is the most humble soul and patient guy I have met yet. I have beef with you Uncle Charles though, you have become too busy these last few months. Hope to see more of you (and your work) next year.

My best friends:

Ariana: The fact that I moved schools and we still kept touch means you are here to stay, forever. You were my best friend in my former school, and still is one of my best friends. Spending time with you last week was the best Christmas gift our folks could ever give us. Don’t get me wrong folks, I still expect to find a bike under the Christmas tree. Or a scooter. Or both. Tell Santa I said that.

Makena: Your fashion sense inspires me and the fact that you have given me more gifts this year than Santa will probably give me this Christmas speaks loads about your kindness. We fight for toys but at the end of the day, nothing beats spending time with you. I can’t wait for you to construct longer sentences. Those phone calls will be long!

My fans: You all know yourselves. You have encouraged mummy and I to post even on days we want nothing to do with the laptop. Because we know someone out there is waiting with baited breath (hehe I may have exaggerated) to read. Thank you loads. Let’s have more fun next year and please remember to subscribe. It’s as easy as putting your email address on the subscribe box on the right hand side of this page. Then you will not miss a post.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Love, Lil’missbelle.

Lilmissbelle-Thank You

Lilmissbelle-Thank You 2

Lilmissbelle-Thank You 3


Lilmissbelle-Thank You 4

IMAG6091Lilmissbelle-Thank You 5

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7 years ago

Knock knock…after my vacation with no network all I want in this world is to read your it!!

Happy 2016 Lil Belle Xx

Sylvia Thairu
Sylvia Thairu
7 years ago

2015 was clearly a good year.
Wishing you an even better new year.
I hope we get to do a photo shoot together in 2016, you are clearly getting better by the day.

7 years ago

Blessed year, have a much more blessed 2016. Will continue showing love and support.
Merry Xmas and hope Santa gets you your hearts wish

7 years ago

Aaw, lovely piece as always. Personally, you and your family are among the few good things that have happened to me this year and before. Yourself and Xia are such a blessing. Merry Christmas to you too and a happy new year!!

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