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Karate Kid

December 1, 2015

Now that black is the new pink for girls, mummy has gone all crazy looking for black outfits but it appears that it is easier for a child to eat vegetables than for one to find toddlers’ attires in black in this town. So for now I will rock this high waist karate pants (I gave them that name btw) over and over again until they fade or until I get new black outfits, whichever comes first. Anyway, lets discuss how and why I put this outfit together, shall we?

Photography By Charles Ngomo of RoyalReel Photography

December is one long festive month (there’s at least four holidays from the 12th all the way to new years), and for that reason, i decided to showcase an outfit that will have your kids being the center of attention in every party you host or attend. The black pants are comfortable and stylish while the white top (featured here) adds a touch of class and elegance. As if that’s not enough, I decided to yet again raid daddy’s closet and to my surprise his bow-tie came in handy. Surprisingly, it fits my rather small neck quite comfortably, however leaving a long cord which we managed to fold and tuck in (do not underestimate this tag team!) The bow tie elevates this look to a whole new level! You want your kids to look like you actually take their dressing as seriously as you do yours and they are not just an afterthought.

In other news, my Christmas tree is finally up and I cant wait to share the behind the scenes video with you guys! Happy new month, the last one of the year. Wishing you love and sunshine.

Love, Lil’missbelle.


Black Pants-Gift from grandma

White Short Sleeved Top-Baby Shop Kenya

Black Shoes-Biashara Street

Bow-tie- Daddy’s

Lilmissbelle-Karate Kid 6

Lilmissbelle-Karate Kid 7

Lilmissbelle-Karate Kid 8

Lilmissbelle-Karate Kid 5

Lilmissbelle-Karate Kid 1

Lilmissbelle-Karate Kid 2


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7 years ago

This is one awesome post.Thanks Again. Metz

7 years ago

Lovely peace, lovely Lil’ miss Belle

7 years ago

Also, like a salsa dancer

7 years ago

Aaaaw, cherish these days that you can manage to effortlessly pull a split! You look like you are about to drop a very dope album

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