Ray’s Place Kericho

December 28, 2015

I hope you are all having yourselves a wonderful time so far. My family decided to spend Christmas at Grandpa’s and it has been nothing but exciting! First, I woke up to a beautiful surprise on Christmas day. Santa honoured my wish and delivered a pink scooter under the Christmas tree. I was so excited I almost slept with the helmet that night as it did not leave my head the entire day! Second, we took a drive to Dunga Beach in Kisumu which is an hour away from my current home. Nothing beats having fish by the lake side. The view is breathtaking to say the least. Plus the fish was so fresh and yum we were convinced they had just caught it before we arrived. Third, take a seat as I tell you about this gem we discovered on Sunday afternoon. From Kericho town, you pass several tea fields and then you spot this big sign by the road side on the left comprising of white letters curved on a green board. A narrow gravel road created in the middle of a tea farm gets you to Ray’s Place after about 200 metres. The boutique hotel sits on lush grounds with endless greenery surrounding it. A small house which has been converted into a pub sits on the left while the main hotel which has a living room, dining room and five bedrooms that can accommodate up to 13 people sits on the right. The grounds are huge enough for all sorts of outdoor games so you can bring your ball with you, or badminton rackets, or your bicycle. A few swings hung at the edge of the garden but I dint get to use them as you can tell I am still obsessed with my scooter.

You can cook your own meal, something commonly referred to as Koroga or if you are the type that stays away from the kitchen on Sunday’s, the resident chef will do you the honour. The place is homely and for those of you whose gadgets are attached to their hips, there’s free WiFi.

Check out the photos below and make a point of checking it out the next time you are in Kericho.

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Love, Lil’missbelle.

Lil'missbelle-Ray's Place 1

Lil'missbelle-Ray's Place 1

Lil'missbelle-Ray's Place 3

Lil'missbelle-Ray's Place 4

Lil'missbelle-Ray's Place 5

Lil'missbelle-Ray's Place 6

Lil'missbelle-Ray's Place 1

Lil'missbelle-Ray's Place 8

Lil'missbelle-Ray's Place 9

Lil'missbelle-Ray's Place 10

Lil'missbelle-Ray's Place 11

Lil'missbelle-Ray's Place 12

Lil'missbelle-Ray's Place 13

Lil'missbelle-Ray's Place 14


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7 years ago

Every refreshing blog. I’m quite excited to ‘discover ‘ it. And it’s oh so child friendly… I like.

7 years ago

Clearly you have been a good girl all year, Santa honoured your wish. Beautiful scenery #getawayplans.
Hope you enjoyed your Christmas.

7 years ago
Reply to  Lil'missbelle

Why don’t we all go together. Invite Simon(mum’s cousin) too and we make a weekend getaway in the new year.
Happy 2016 dear.

7 years ago

Waoooh beautiful place. Glad you had fun and Santa delivered your wish. Happy new year little gal!!!!

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