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December 4, 2015

“That is mine! You don’t take other people’s things without permission.” I said to my mom as she pulled out the beige envelope from my school bag. You see, that’s what she always tells me whenever I go through her handbag or daddy’s wallet.

Photography by Charles Ngomo-RoyalReel Photography

She looked at me in disbelief and then laughed. I did not understand what was funny. “Mummy why are you laughing?” She ignored me, just like she always does when I ask too many questions. She then removed the contents of the envelope, a folded white A4 paper which was my report card. She looked at the paper keenly, reading what was written on it. As she carried on, I saw her face lit up. She smiled. At the time, I didn’t know what was written on it but I figured it must have been good! She gave me a bear hug and explained that I had been a very good girl at school; that I had excelled in all areas of my studies. I guess it did not matter that I had been sent to naughty corner a few times 🙂

Today marked the close of school for Christmas holidays. We had a party in class where every child brought in their favorite snack. I carried oreos which were devoured in seconds by Trevor and Kigen. I mostly enjoyed Jaydeep’s ladus and pendas, Indian sweets that put eclairs to shame. I will miss my friends dearly but I am definitely looking forward to holiday travels. How will you be spending your holidays?

Love, Lil’missbelle.



Skinny Jeans-Baby Shop, Sarit Centre

Hand Bag-Next, UK courtesy of House of Tych

Lilmissbelle-Closing Day Report Form

Lilmissbelle-Closing Day 3

Lilmissbelle-Closing Day 4


Lilmissbelle-Closing Day 5

Lilmissbelle-Closing Day 1


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8 years ago

looking gorge dear. Love Oreos too. favourite snack though makes me grow chubby… Keep up on studies, that was good. Don’t forget the Christmas wish of your fan right here.

8 years ago

Hehee, you had to mention Jaydeep :’D….Keep up being a good girl. And bright too. Mama was always top f her class btw.

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