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Party Bags For Toddlers

January 20, 2016

It’s mid week already. The month that is thought to last forever is actually in its last days. I looked at my resolutions for the year last evening and was embarrassed to see that some things that I was to work on by week one still remain pending! Most of them actually revolve around my toddler which include getting her a swimming coach. Any of you lagging behind?

Today’s post is about party bags and how creative people can become with their contents. Last week, my daughter came home with this beautiful colouring and painting set from school as part of the contents of a party bag she was given.



Her classmate was celebrating her birthday and the folks were kind enough to not just share cake but gift the kids material that would not only enhance their capabilities but give them an activity to engage in with their parents. You know I am always on the look out for fun things to do with my toddler! In fact, that afternoon, the class teacher indicated on the diaries that parents should get more creative with party gifts and not give kids sweets and candy as the school tries to enforce healthy eating habits. Well thank you Mrs Shaun for making my work easier! You may want to also consider story books (the small ones that are pretty affordable), masks kits, bubbles, playdough, bouncy balls etc. Check out this link for more fun ideas

So that afternoon I just watched her paint as she explained to me what she was doing and why she preferred some colors to others. I must say I learnt a thing or two 🙂

Here’s to wishing you a creative rest of the week.


IMAG6893 IMAG6891 IMAG6882 IMAG6879 IMAG6868


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8 years ago

Good job mama!and the fro is blazing as always ?

8 years ago
Reply to  Lil'missbelle

Only!!you should come visit soon?have a lovely night

8 years ago

Hahaha! the facial expressions are priceless. #soadorable
You just had to protect the carpet big-time. I would have recommended plasticine but looks like you will cover everything else including walls.
I learnt long ago to only make new resolutions on my birthday when it actually counts & helps me make reasonable and attainable resolutions. So far so good.

8 years ago
Reply to  Jay

“Well thank you Mrs Shaun for making my work easier!” This line just made my day. I can see the eyes rolling too.

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