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50 Days of Kenyan Kids Fashion -Day 14

August 10, 2016

About two months ago, on May 27th to be precise, my friend was getting married and Xena was on the line up. Being a last-minute person, I started stressing out three weeks to the wedding day over the fact that I still had not found an outfit for her. To be fair to me, the dad was travelling to Johannesburg two weeks to the wedding and I was almost certain he would find the perfect outfit. When he travelled and was back three days later with only candy from the duty free stores, that’s the time I realised that men are truly from mars and women for venus! Apparently he had such a packed schedule and had no time to shop! How is that humanly possible?

Shoot location: Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi, Upper Hill

Photography by Charles Ngomo

Luckily my friend was quite flexible with the colors especially since Xena was the only flower girl so no color cordination was required, only that I had to stick to subtle tones. A week to the wedding, just as I was thinking of having a dress locally made for Xena, I remembered this hot number that we had purchased from Next UK courtesy House of Tych about a year ago. You can only imagine my relief when I whatsapped a picture of the dress to the bride to be and her response was “Perfect!”

Next UK dress that Xena wore to my friend's wedding
Next UK dress that Xena wore to my friend’s wedding

Fast forward to a month after the wedding when I was signing up kids’ retailers to the #50daysofkenyankids campaign. As I was going through The Kids Bedroom collection at their Adams Arcade store, I could not believe my eyes when I spoted this elegant flowy white and blue dress with red and blue bow detail on the waistline. The bottom bit had three layers of fabric. The inside lining was made out of satin and in between the satin and the top mesh bit was this interesting fabric that appeared to be as delicate as paper but was actually quite strong. Anyway, I am clearly not an expert in describing fabrics but the point is, all this layers gave the dress a ball/cinderella kind of look, perfect for a wedding and all your other events that need a dash of glamour.

Lilmissbelle-Tickles & Giggles 7

The dress was a beauty to behold and made me think how easy my life would have been had I known about the store prior to my friend’s wedding. The thing about this campaign that exites me the most is the numerous discoveries I make on a daily basis with regards to availability of quality fashionable clothing for our kids right in the heart of Nairobi. The fact that I now know I can get absolutely anything and everything I need locally when it comes to clothing for my kids is so gratifying. I no longer need to rely on travelling husbands who find shopping boring/time wasting (ahem) or shop online and cross fingers that a friend travels soon and is kind enough to squeeze in the package in their luggage. I hope you are as excited about these discoveries as I am and you have been shopping them as much as possible!

Featured Kenyan store: The Kids Bedroom/Tickles and Giggles Kids

Facebook page: The Kids Bedroom/Tickles and Giggles Kids

Find them at Adams Arcade Shopping Center & Diamond Plaz

Reach them on 0737-280570/0705-068035

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0: Samsung Kenya

Outfit details:

Xena’s dress: The Kids Bedroom/Tickles & Giggles Kids

Xena’s sandals-Next, UK

Xia’s shorts, t-shirt & suspenders-H&M, Capetown


Love, Joy & Xena.

Lilmissbelle-Tickles & Giggles

Lilmissbelle-Tickles & Giggles 1

Lilmissbelle-Tickles & Giggles 2

Lilmissbelle-Tickles & Giggles 3

Lilmissbelle-Tickles & Giggles 4

Lilmissbelle-Tickles & Giggles 5


Lilmissbelle-Tickles & Giggles 8

Lilmissbelle-Tickles & Giggles 9

Lilmissbelle-Tickles & Giggles 10

Lilmissbelle-Tickles & Giggles 11

Lilmissbelle-Tickles & Giggles 13

Lilmissbelle-Tickles & Giggles 12

Lilmissbelle-Tickles & Giggles14


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7 years ago

Wow..I have been following your blog for quite a while and I think you are doing an awesome job of it.
This dress has just blown my mind away though..definitely the best so far for me.

7 years ago

This is so nice Joy…i love the dress she looks beautiful, sometimes one can really spend time looking for the kid’s outfits so thanks for the info and keep up the good work. God bless

7 years ago

i have been following closely on this exciting unveiling of dope retailers in Nairobi ….loving the dresses especially…Am excited about sheyces birthday which is in…i knooow..its far but heeeey,its the first one i plan on throwing a…

Love how Xia and Xena connect ,how i admire that and wish my Sheyce had such ..hehehe..<3 ….

Hehehhe and your Mr is funny,how do you forget to shop ?hehe ..Men are definitely from another planet…

7 years ago

Pretty as can be, that dress is gorgeous and so are the girls.
LOL You’re right Joy, men are from Mars, we’re just so different, I mean who doesn’t have time to look at beautiful clothes?
By the way, Xena’s hair is really growing…curly natural hair rocks!

7 years ago
Reply to  Lil'missbelle

Ha Ha… I wish my hair could grow as long as yours Joy

Sylvia Gathigia
Sylvia Gathigia
7 years ago

Lovely I can not get enough of this page…

Ratemo Ombui
Ratemo Ombui
7 years ago

I love this blog,kids have to be dressed well. My heart sinks at the sight of a parent dressed to kill…tagging along a child with clothes thrown on! And yeah…duty free sweets are quite something

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