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50 Days of Kenyan Kids Fashion -Day 15

August 12, 2016

When I was writing the title of the post above, I had to go back to my old posts to confirm that we are actually on Day 15!! Would you believe it we made it to Day 15? And would you believe me if I told you that I have 15 more shoots just sitting pretty in my laptop waiting to be unveilled? And about 10 more shoots waiting to happen? Very soon, when we clock Day 25, I will tell you guys about the frustrations I have gone through between conceptualizing the campaign, getting sponsors & retailers on board, and having it up and running. Initially, my main challenge was convincing retailers to come on board. Now I have an overwhelming number of stores to feature and my struggles are different!

I hope you have had a productive week and you are looking forward to a restful weekend. I sure am. To all you super mommies with infants, you better make sure you have your Toto Wrap’s slings, stretchies or carriers ready for the weekend. Nothing should stop you from going about your business. Not even your demanding child. Because Toto Wraps has your back! Today we feature a different design of the sling and kikoy wrap which we reviewed in this post.

Love, Joy & Xena.

Featured Kenyan Retailer:

Stretchy wrap and carrier from Toto Wraps: Website, Facebook page, reach them on (+254)717-993 884

Xena’s Gap Hoodie from

Shoot location-Samsung Galaxy Store & Playground, Valley Arcade Shopping Centre

Photographer- Charles Ngomo

Lilmissbelle- Toto Wraps 13 Lilmissbelle- Toto Wraps 12 Lilmissbelle- Toto Wraps 11 Lilmissbelle- Toto Wraps 10 Lilmissbelle- Toto Wraps 9  Lilmissbelle- Toto Wraps 7 Lilmissbelle- T oto Wraps 5 Lilmissbelle- Toto Wraps 4 Lilmissbelle- Toto Wraps 3 Lilmissbelle- Toto Wraps 2 Lilmissbelle- Toto Wraps 1 Lilmissbelle- Toto Wraps

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6 years ago

Hi Joy,

I’m planning to travel with my 3 yr and 1 yr old daughters. I need a wrap for the 1 yr old. She’s 10kgs. Given that you tried and tested all these wraps. Would you recommend which one would be good for crisscrossing airports?

7 years ago

Hi Joy?

So I show my sister who has two daughters your page and she looks at the pictures and goes like ‘Their mother is a stay at home mum that’s why she has all the time to make them look this good’ and I tell her that you have a job(8-5) and she says then Joy has to teach mothers the art of slayage’. Tunangoja classes sisi. Your blog is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and I would probably steal Xena if I could get a way with it.

Sikatele Mwinsa
Sikatele Mwinsa
7 years ago

Wow this is amazing! I am loving it.

Annie peter's
Annie peter's
7 years ago

And with a pocket too..??!! Loving this toto wraps more and more. Can’t wait for day 16. Taking notes??

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