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50 Days of Kenyan Kids Fashion -Day 18

August 23, 2016

Next time I head over to the coast with a toddler, remind me that I will only be conducting my duties as a mom in a different town (read baby sitting) and I should not in any way lie to myself that I will be on holiday. Because during our entire 5 day “vacation”, I honestly do not remember having a moment to myself except at the end of the night when I would pass out on the bed like a log. Daddy was working almost the entire time and so I had no one to take turns with watching over Xena and running after her!

Nevertheless, seeing Xena so happy made the entire trip worthwhile. She wanted to go to the beach from the moment we arrived, never mind that it was 10.00pm! And when morning came, she had her breakfast hurriedly so that she could spend the better part of the day in water. The swimming, the beach walks, the crazy slide rides at Wild Waters and the breathtaking views of the PGA certified golf course at Rea Vipingo were some of the highlights of our trip.

Given that we swam almost everyday, it helped that right before our trip we had discovered two stores with an amazing collection of kids swimwear, and Xena therefore, had a number of costumes to work with. Our obsessions with Disney characters continues as you can clearly see from this two piece swimming costume, armbands and towel from Check out their beautiful swimming costumes collection here and armband collection here

Have I also mentioned how obsessed I am with Xena’s green ombre hair from @braided_ke ? I wanted to get that or the grey one for myself but unfortunately being in the corporate world does not allow me such luxuries 🙁 So until I am able to go on a long break from work, I shall enjoy styling Xena’s hair in all the possible colors! The green gives such wonderful summervybes and was just perfect for our short coastal vacation.

The trip was just a tip of the iceberg for me and I will definitely be heading back to the coast soon, most probably without the babies 🙂

Featured Kenyan store: Online store Once Upon A child (Swimming costume, armband, towel and converse bag)

Check out their wonderful collection on their website

Contact them on: 

Facebook Page: onceuponachildkenya

Instagram page: @onceuponachildke

Phone- 0700-898774

Featured Kenyan store: Braided_Ke  (Ombre hair)

Contact them on 0786-794713

Featured Kenyan Store: (Glasses)

Love, Joy & Xena.

Lilmissbelle-Coast 1


Lilmissbelle-Coast 2

Lilmissbelle-Coast 3

Lilmissbelle-Coast 4

Lilmissbelle-Coast 5

Lilmissbelle-Coast 10

Lilmissbelle-Coast 11

Lilmissbelle-Coast 6

Lilmissbelle-Coast 7

Lilmissbelle-Coast 8

Lilmissbelle-Coast 9

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7 years ago

Mommies never get a break! I’m so jealous of you still, i’m here slaving away in the office as you enjoy the coastal waters. I feel you on the hair, I can’t do crazy colours either ’cause of my job but Xena’s hair looks so amazing with her lovely swimsuit against the ocean; she’s been a busy one this summer break. As for more posts, disturb all you want, we love being here 🙂

7 years ago

Hahahahaha blacking out like a log ????? pole …
…am slowly warming up to outfits with Disney characters ,do a couple more posts and I’ll probably be on board ..but let’s say its Xena who literally just works anything…she is such a gem..??
.. The green ombre hair ?????? love…it….will be putting it soon ,lazy to braid my hair ….
.. I would love me some sun and beach ,u have no idea ,the cold in Kijabe ,jeez ,I think we are not in Kenya ..????
. the post ..????

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