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50 Days of Kenyan Kids Fashion-Day 13

August 8, 2016

I have to admit that I have never really fancied cartoon themed attires. This is probably because I did not watch much cartoon growing up (don’t ask me how I spent my childhood, story for another day) or even animated movies and series as an adult. Besides, some of this cartoon themed clothes are quite conflicting to the eye, having a mixture of print and graphics in an assortment of colors which is a complete no for me. However, when I find a piece that is not overdone, it easily finds its way into my daughter’s closet. Case in point, this cotton Minnie Mouse dress with polka dot stockings. How cute is it? When I saw this outfit on Once Upon A Child’s website, I immediately envisioned Xena in it and I could not wait to see her bring it to life! I also secretly wished I could find something similar for myself, a dress with  a plain white long sleeved T-top bit, of course without the Minnie Mouse drawing, and the plaid bottom complete with the bow. I am still on the hunt for that and I will be sure to do a twinning shoot once I find it.

This would also make the perfect outfit for a toddler at a Minnie Mouse themed party. Both Xena and Xia’s birthdays are coming up in September and I am so happy that for once I will not struggle to find the perfect outfit for the birthday girls! Thanks to Once Upon A Child.

Featured Kenyan store: Online store Once Upon A child.

Check out their wonderful collection on their website

Contact them on: 

Facebook Page: onceuponachildkenya

Phone- 0700898774

Boots from H&M-SA

Thank you Charles Ngomo for the amazing shots!

Love, Joy & Xena.

Lilmissbelle-Once Upon A Child


Lilmissbelle-Once  2Upon A Child

Lilmissbelle-Once Upon A Child 4

Lilmissbelle-Once Upon A Child 5

Lilmissbelle-Once Upon A Child 6

Lilmissbelle-Once Upon A Child 8

Lilmissbelle-Once Upon A Child 9

Lilmissbelle-Once Upon A Child 10


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7 years ago

Newest fan of Xena and Xia in the building!!! Thank goodness I bumped into your blog, especially now that am prepping for motherhood, I totally need this in my life. Keep doing this, awesome job.

7 years ago cute..lets just say Xena can work anything …she makes everything look great…:) hehehe Some of us Joy ,watch cartoons and animated movies till….we even have favorites …haahahhaha …but i love how you dress these lil champs!!! blessed week ahead!!

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