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50 Days of Kenyan Kids Fashion- Day 22

September 1, 2016

Ten years after meeting my golf obsessed R, the sport is yet to ignite a spark in my heart! Worth noting is the fact that I long ago reconciled with being a golf widow given that it will always take priority over I. Suffice to say that I admire his immense passion and unrelenting commitment towards the game. How do you explain someone dragging their kit on a soggy fairway at 6am amidst heavy downpour if not passion? This makes me wish that Xena can have the same ardor for the sport and be the next Xinyu Wang or closer home, Kellie Gichaga!

My kit has only been in contact with a golf course once despite having it for three years. Nevertheless, being a lover of nature, I enjoy the occasional walks on the fairway as most of them tend to be quite scenic. While in Mombasa two weeks ago, we took a drive on Saturday morning at 9.00am to Vipingo Ridge which happened to host a tournament sponsored by one of the banks. Perhaps I should mention that it was reecently crowned as the first PGA certified course outside South Africa!

I have been to a lot of golf courses in this country and never have I seen anything like it. The view is breathtaking to say the least. From the club house foyer, Xena and I had a great perspective of the fairway which was lush and curvy as if it had been crafted lovingly by a sculptor. A bridge stretched right across a water hazard that seemed to extend further afield. That was enough for me to soak in and I did not need to take a walk around the course to appreciate the beauty that is Vipingo Ridge. Plus I met someone who had just moved to Kenya from South Africa and she was quite a delight to converse with! We found a lot to talk about as we enjoyed our drinks (may or may not have been alcoholic) while Xena hoped onto one of the golf carts and took a drive around the course, hoping to catch daddy in action.

 The next time I find myself at Vipingo Ridge I may just decide to shake the dust off my kit!

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Love, Joy & Xena.

Lilmissbelle-Rea Vipingo

Lilmissbelle-Rea Vipingo 1

Lilmissbelle-Rea Vipingo 2

Lilmissbelle-Rea Vipingo 3

Lilmissbelle-Rea Vipingo 4

Lilmissbelle-Rea Vipingo 5

Lilmissbelle-Rea Vipingo 6

Lilmissbelle-Rea Vipingo 7

Lilmissbelle-Rea Vipingo 8

Lilmissbelle-Rea Vipingo 9

Lilmissbelle-Rea Vipingo 10

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[…] recall accompanying the mister for one of his golf escapades at Vipingo Ridge early September and I wrote about how his passion for golf still had me raising eyebrows. Which means, I still had’t discovered my passion but was in […]

7 years ago

That hair looks lovely but wondering is it light weight enough for her?

7 years ago

..i love the place…’s so beautiful..I am obsessed with nature.. Xena and the hair..super gorgeous too..she looks soo preettty and beautiful…

7 years ago

I can’t believe I didn’t get to meet you guys in this trip!?I see cuteness still abounds.Am also a golf widow…we should form a club

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