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What’s your tonic?

February 28, 2017

Lately, I have come to the realization that there are four things I need to thrive. Writing is my purpose (or so I convince myself), family the epicenter, fitness my linchpin and travel my cathartic release. Had you asked me this two months ago, two things would have happened. My list would either have been a dog’s breakfast, filled with unnecessary clatter derived from things I thought were important yet they weren’t. The other thing is that I would have had no clue as to their order of importance.

In the past, my attachment was spread over an array of things, some of them so mundane. Like my hair! I would stress whenever it would shed, so much so, there’s a time I kept a stash of all the hair that would be left on the comb in a zip lock bag just to monitor how much hair I lost in a week. My hairdresser, Sarah, thought I had lost my marbles because even at the salon I warned her against trashing any of it! I’ll have you know (if the picture has not done enough speaking already) that I cut it. If liberating has a face, then mine is currently it. I hope to grow it back though from April when I turn 32.

Speaking of understanding my source of happiness, about 8 days ago, my knee started acting up again and I decided to take a break from running and gyming.  It was the worst decision ever. I became unproductive and emotional and petulant. One morning the mister could not find a single hankie in the house. So, I tell him that Xena has the habit of losing them in school, my fault really because I have been procrastinating labeling her hankies for the longest time. Just like I have been procrastinating getting my certificate of good conduct. And taking my Samsung phone for repair before the warranty period expires-I took under water shots and now it has an echo! You get the drift. I suffer from procrastination.

So, the mister, who must have been in a worse mood, says something to the effect that we should find all the hankies and no one is allowed to use them, including Xena. That evening, I bought 50 hankies from Chandarana stashed them in his drawer. I never wanted to hear the word hankie for the rest of my life, or at least for the next 10 weeks! Assuming we continued to lose them at the rate of 5 per week. That’s how prickly I got just because I stopped working out. But here’s the thing.  It’s not like my whole body was in pain which means I was also being lazy. I mean, I could have easily concentrated on workouts that did not put pressure on my knee. Anyway, it took a whole week of irritability to get me back on course.

Today, I am oozing sunshine much as the weather is atrocious. I have a spring in my step. I waved at the cop at the riverside intersection. I whistled to Bruno Mar’s chunky as I walked into the office.  I reminded the mister to carry a hankie hehe. I am wearing Mac’s Lady Danger on my lips and I am on fire. All because I got up at 4.50am and ran 10km in 1hr 5min. Running is my tonic. What’s your tonic?

Lilmissbelle- Running


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6 years ago

true that . I love this. i can relate . I have had problems with procrastinating ,emotional imbalances and feeling unproductive. I love developing content ,so whenever i wake up in the morning i would spend the better time of it developing content for the blog as much as it may not go up immediately ,i would draft ideas,send out business plans to potential business endorsers and spend some time on the net trying to grow my creativity and that would always put me in the right mind or should i say place. Lately my routine has taken a turn… Read more »

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