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March 17, 2017

Last Friday at around 6pm, Xena and I dressed up and headed to the Junction to catch a movie, something I intend to make a ritual. Side note-dressing for us lately means throwing on some sweats and a T-shirt. Unless it’s a ball. Seriously, athleisure is the best innovation since online banking. I want to live in joggers all day everyday for their utter comfort.

While I always made time to engage in exciting out of the ordinary activities with her, they were mostly erratic. Impulsive if you may. For instance, say I got home from work early on an odd Tuesday and I found her on the couch. She would be watching one of those heavily recycled shows on Baby TV or Cbeebies, singing along to every song and echoing the various characters’ speeches. And just as I bend over to unbuckle my heels or take off my pumps, she would go like:

 “Mama looooook! Look what the dog will do next, it will go to sleep with lipstick on.”

And the dog would do exactly that.

So, next time you feel lazy to wash off make up before you go to bed, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just remember that even dogs suffer the same predicament.

Then she would go on to say

“looooook mama. “

“I am looking Xena. I can see the dog is about to pull the cover over its head.”

She would look at me disappointedly and edify me.

“That’s not what it will do. First, it will turn off the light on the bedside table. See.”

She would point at the TV and turn her gaze towards me to ensure that I had not lost my concentration. Then, as soon as it was lights out in the dog’s whimsical mansion, Xena would pre-empt what show would be coming on next. And true to her prediction, a voice would come on saying:

“Next, join Rasta Mouse as he makes a bad thing good.” She would say that word for word, like she was reading from a teleprompter.

I would then get frustrated about how much time she possibly spends watching those shows to gain that level of mastery, ask her to dress up and we would hit the road. We would probably find ourselves stravaging the nearest mall, or at the Samsung play ground in valley arcade. Or if we were hungry, For U Chinese restaurant would do, thanks to its convenient play area.

But that was before running the Feb series on Loving Your Child to Greatness (check the features here, here, & here). I interviewed several people who were very passionate about parenting. Even though they all had different approaches and attitudes towards raising emotionally balanced and intelligent kids, there’s one thing that stood out. They all spoke about the importance of spending quality uninterrupted time with one’s children, and better yet, engaging in activities that both the parent and kids enjoy on a panned regular basis. Be it reading together, dressing up and going on a dinner date, spending time at the salon or going for a movie, playing a sport or learning a musical instrument, find a ritual that your kids will associate with you.

I love going to the movie theatre. Half the time I go alone mainly because my capricious nature does not allow me to plan in advance and obviously not everybody is as impulsive as I am. Lack of company has never been an impediment. Anyway, I figured watching movies on big screen would be a great way to spend time with Xena since its something we both love and so I set aside Friday evenings for that. And if ever there’s a Friday where we can’t find something to watch at the theatre, we will lock ourselves in my bedroom, find something on Kodi and simulate a perfect movie experience!

Last Friday we watched the movie Sing and it was such a hilarious farce filled with deep life lessons about believing in oneself and keeping up the fight, no matter what life throws your way. I doubt Xena understood the message but she loved the singing.

I use to find out what movies are showing locally. Today we will be watching Beauty and the Beast in 3D.




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6 years ago

Hi Joy, Where do you get your clothes? I think you should be adding that in your musings. Cool outfits.

6 years ago

You challenge me who has more time for this kind of randomness, but I can’t hack it. I admire your commitment to your family and those outfits look absolutely gorgeous on you.

6 years ago

#bodygoals You are my parenting role model. As soon as I get the news, I shall shadow parent you, or should I start now? in the next life I’m coming back as your 3rd child 🙂

The quality time with kids is real. Even in later years that is what your child remembers. For me its the long drives in mum’s vw beetle. I miss them.

Annie Nzioki
6 years ago

sweats and attitude??… Friday night date with your daughter, enyewe priorities change ? couple of years back…Fridays were stressful days, you know,who’s going out where with whom. Love the date with your kiddo theme, taking notes kapsaaa

6 years ago

Every time I think of myself in future, the picture perfectly fits into you and Xena. I am a believer in raising intelligent and well socialised kids. Giving them the best experiences and working on their dreams from such young ages. I love how you lay all this out.

Muthoni shelmith
Muthoni shelmith
6 years ago

Aaaww I will read and re-read your post today. Xena is such a gem..
I love how your daughter converse with you like a grown up(sometime I just wish it was a video) ?
Joy and your mini you, I love the black and white photo.❤
Bless you ma’

6 years ago

It’s actually boss baby

6 years ago

Hi Joy remember I’m watching baby boss in April with her we watched the trailer when we watched Moanna.

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