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April 12, 2017

It’s 8.55 pm, Tuesday evening. I am holed up in the office trying to catch up on my studies. Things were going on well until I got to the end of chapter questions which sucked all the life out of me. Just when I ticked off the 10th question (out of 15), my mind went blank and everything became dark, like all the light bulbs in the office had suddenly been turned off. I felt dizzy and my head started spinning. It was as if I was suffering from mental infirmity.

So, I figured that forcing myself through the last five questions would be a waste of time and I might as well switch to something I love. Fitness.

This morning, I almost missed my 10km run. I was feeling extremely lethargic last evening, naturally so having been day one back at work after my vacation. By 8.30pm, I was in bed re-reading one of my favorite books, Angela’s Ashes. But right before I drifted away, I picked up my phone from my bedside table to set the alarm for 6.00am and then decided to spend a minute going through social media. On FB, I came across a post by a lady in one of the fitness groups I follow. She had posted the stats of her 16km run to which she had added “I plan to do five of these this week.”

That was all the motivation I needed to get out of bed, lay out my running outfit for this morning and revise my alarm to 4.50am! I mean surely, if someone has the determination to run 80kms in one week (she’s not a professional runner in case you are wondering), what was stopping me from doing 10kms? Especially after all the careless eating over the weekend and my waistline wasting no time to announce my bad habits (no regrets though, totally worth it), the least I can do is get my fitness (and nutrition) back on track.

I am glad I got up and put in the miles because that resulted in a very productive day, much as I couldn’t wind up on those five last concept checkers! All thanks to that one post by Zelipha on FB.

Today’s writing is evidently reflective of a very tired mind but I hope you pick one thing from it. The importance of setting goals and surrounding yourself with other fitness enthusiasts who will keep you accountable and also challenge you!

Nobody is ever in their element 100% of the time, so find someone who will get you back on track when you fall off the band wagon. And if you can’t, at least invest in running gear that makes you feel knock out gorgeous (stolen! ha) which hopefully will be enough motivation to get up and moving.

9.27pm-lights out, this time for real.

(Took me 32 minutes to write 530 words. I seriously should just go home.)

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All the love!

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6 years ago

I voted! Guess who has my vote? lol! Keep doing what you do and I personally would like to see more of Xena. Sending my love

6 years ago

O.M.G you are looking Hot! body goals

Muthoni shelmith
Muthoni shelmith
6 years ago

Beautiful ❤

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