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April 14, 2017

At the Pizza Inn outlet in Valley Arcade, Xena spots this green monster like toy at the convenience store. It’s round, the size of a tennis ball with spikes all over and an elastic band in the middle with which one can use to bounce it like a yoyo.

“Mama can I please have this?” She asks.

I look at the shelf off which she has lifted it to check the price. Ksh 200 it reads. A rip off in my opinion, considering I would get it for free at the For U Chinese restaurant alongside my meal.

“It is too expensive Xena plus didn’t you get a free one from the Chinese lady a while back? Whatever happened to it?”

“Xia put Saliva on it.”

I am confused as to how saliva would obliterate the functionality of such a toy, but then I imagine saliva on the ball meant that she wanted nothing to do with it knowing how easily she gets grossed out.

She stares at it with desperation, like one would a tall glass of water on a sunny day. It obviously does not make sense to buy it, but if I can spend a random Ksh 650 on a glass of Sangria, she can have this overpriced toy. But she has to earn it.

“I will ask you three questions and if you get them right, you get the toy. If you fail any of them, you lose out”

“Will you ask me to count?”

“If you prompt me on what to ask you lose as well”

“Ok Ok. Ask.” She says, resigning herself to fate.

“What color is the toy?”


Of course she wasn’t going to miss that. I mean, she even knows turquoise!

“What does this toy resemble?”

“Ehhhhhh..A hedgehog! ” She says after thinking for a minute. I am impressed with the answer! At best, I thought she would liken it to a cartoon character.

“Last question. Have you ever seen a hedgehog?”

This was a trick question to test her truthfulness. I knew she would imagine that a no meant she had failed so she would be tempted to say yes. I also knew that she had never seen a hedgehog in person. I was about to save me some 200 Bob!

“Yes I have seen a hedgehog.”

“Oh really? And where is this you saw one?”

“In a garden.”

Of course hedgehogs are found in gardens and that’s also how they are displayed in books. I wasn’t about to let her outsmart me.

“Which garden did you see a hedgehog Xena?”

Without missing a beat, she shouts “Garden City!”

The hungry customers on the queue and cashiers who had been listening to the entire conversation burst out laughing. I mean, who thinks like that?

In case you are wondering, she’s only 4.5 years and I don’t make this stuff up.

She got the toy, and extra cheese on her Pizza for free from the lovely lady at Pizza Inn.


This is the outfit we planned on rocking for our movie date yesterday which sadly never materialised. Do you guys dread packing whenever you travel with kids? That’s my biggest nightmare and I could use a tip or two on how to spend less time. It took me 1.5 hours last evening to put stuff together for a four-day trip to Kericho, which led us to missing our movie. Plus I was too tired anyway, would probably have blacked out right after settling into my seat.

Happy Easter to you and yours and safe travels to those on the move. Sending you guys lots of love and sunshine!

Outfit details:

Mummy: Sweat shirt- Bossini Yaya, Sweat pants-Mr Price

Xena: Sweat shirt- Bossini Yaya, Sweat pants- Baby Shop The Junction (Boys section), Adidas sneakers Angelo The Junction.

Shoot location: Swiss International Lenana Mount, Ralph Bunche Road.

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6 years ago

Wait……Pizza inn at valley arcade? They’ve opened one there? I’m super screwed! But in other news….you just made me miss having that 650 Sangria! Enjoy the Kerichk trip!

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