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May 8, 2018

I was going to write a feature about my surprisingly exhilarating experience in Seychelles but my mind feels like a clogged sewer. It’s 11:00pm on Monday evening and my personal trainer Brian expects to see me at the gym in the next six hours. He says I cannot get that banging Ciara body if all I do is run. That I will just be thin, and gaunt. And we don’t want that.

It is also raining, heavily. The thrumming on the roof is something I would rather listen to while cuddling reading from this Kindle Oasis 2017, a gift that has become my latest obsession. Remember when I posted about things I would love for my birthday here? It turns out the universe was not asleep. It conspired, with a wonderful soul, to tick off this item from that list for me. So, I would rather carry on reading Sylvia Day’s racy anecdotes in Bared To You than meet my Tuesday blogging deadline. Except that I was raised well, and mentored even better. I don’t make promises I can’t keep.

But my overwhelming fatigue means I can’t be as descriptive as I would wish to be and that would be an injustice to my story. So, I figured how about I share some tips to help you decide on your next travel destination?

It all boils down to what tickles your fancy. Are you a city or a country side person? Skyscrapers or wooden cabins? Do you prefer lying on the beach or going on a hike? Are you into architecture and perhaps even history? Once you know what excites you, it’s time to figure out which part of the world will grant you your wish. For example, If you just want a beach holiday, you can google “best beach holiday destinations in the world” and go through the options then narrow it down to a few, say Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives etc. How you make your final decision will depend on the cost, once you search for flights ( is an excellent flights’ scanning app) and accommodation (I use or

However, say your entire life you’ve been obsessed with everything English like someone I know (hi Eldy!) or American. This makes your work even easier because you already know where you want to travel to. So, all you need to do is google “top things to do in England” and narrow down your options to the countries and cities that offer what you are looking for.

 Next, you need to verse yourself with the Visa and other regulatory requirements (like yellow fever certificates) of the country you intend to visit and make sure you are compliant. Recently, I excitedly booked and paid for flights for a trip we will be taking up soon only for us to discover we had less than the minimum days required to apply for Visas. Please say a prayer for us.

 Thereafter, find out about the weather situation around your travel dates, something google will give you effortlessly. You may just discover that the coastal town you intend to visit will be experiencing a storm on your chosen dates, so you either have to pick dates that the sun plans on shining or check out a different city (or country) that has a similar offering.

Once everything is in order, you can make accommodation and flight reservations as you wait for your Visa. For accommodation, make sure to book hotels that allow free cancellation in case things don’t work out with the authorities.

And if the universe feels your vybe like it is currently feeling mine, you can finally plan your itinerary, book your excursions in advance (through the same sites above) and refer to my insights on how to travel light. Feel free to add other tips in the comment section. Happy travels!

Images shot in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Lilmissbelle-Halong Bay

Lilmissbelle-Halong Bay Lilmissbelle-Halong Bay Lilmissbelle-Halong Bay Lilmissbelle-Halong Bay Lilmissbelle-Halong Bay


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5 years ago

So am going to Hanoi, Vietnam in a couple of weeks. Any tips on stuff to do, places to visit and activities to engage in? ??

5 years ago

My travels are mostly driven by ticket prices as they are usually the most expensive. Skyscanner comes in handy, I also subscribe to most airlines to keep track of offers, so if the flight price is appealing… here I come!!
I also use the “GetyourGuide” as it has loads of ideas on what activities one can do when in a particular country.

Beth Wambui
5 years ago

Glad to know that am not the only one who likes Slyvia’s Day Crossfire Series ?. Also, YES to Ciara’s banging body ?

5 years ago

Great tips, thank you. And you look amazing ?

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