January 10, 2023

It’s only the 10th of January but I feel like its already the 18th of May! For the first time in my 37 years, I did not take a break in December, except for Christmas Day and New Year. Even during this particular week when we travelled to Kilifi right before Christmas, my MacBook and my phone were tied to my hip every single day, right after breakfast up until 6pm. Working budgets, coordinating fundis and suppliers.. And after we got back to Nairobi, I would be up at 5am without fail, and 7:30am would find me at my mjengo every single day. This I did voluntarily and with so much enthusiasm, much as I really did not have to. I could have just left the fundis do their job and perhaps show up occasionally to supervise, but every night I went to bed, I longed for daybreak just so that I could spend time at my new found haven, even with all the construction chaos. On this particular day, I had this conversation with my friend on the 24th of Dec at 7:00am:

Me: I’ll revert in the course of the day. I’m off to my mjengo

Him: Life is funny. You are off to work on Christmas Eve, who would ever have thought?

Me: Funny and interesting indeed. Can you remember how last year in December I was sick to my stomach of my employer’s demands of meeting Bank Y’s disbursement before 31st? How I got sick, admitted for a night on a Saturday and was back defending my investment proposals on Monday? And how a week later everything fell apart and I had to get a 12 day sick off? And now I am voluntarily rocking up to my work even before the operations start. If this is not purpose, I don’t know what is.

Him: Last December was really the ghetto for you. This is indeed purpose and contentment.

Me: Finally 🙂

Him: Please don’t abandon your family tomorrow (Christmas Day) and go to your mjengo, unless you’ll be throwing them a party there!

I believe we last interacted on 13th Dec before I wished you well and promised to be back on Tuesday the 10th with renewed energy. Well, its Tuesday the 10th, but I’ve somehow been caught off guard. I thought I would spend the morning hours putting together a decent feature, but I am currently en route to Rift Valley province for a funeral. So I am braving the bumps and potholes just to deliver something to you guys, to shikilia until next week.

Basically, I am passing by this blog briefly to water the potted palm plant at the entrance of our house, check if the lights are working because I never know what my new vindictive lover Kenya Power is up to, dust up the mahogany shelves and the books that have been longing for someone’s touch, stock some wood by the fire place, all in anticipation of being a better host to all you Lilmissbelle ardent readers in 2023.

I have so many stories for you. How I am currently in a relationship with Kenya Power but I am yet to figure out their language of love, how my ten year old daughter Xena supervised the signage installation last week at the KIDS’ Nook and had a grown man redo his job from scratch because of her attention to detail “Mama, how can none of you see that that sign is crooked?”, how Christmas in Nairobi felt strange but equally peaceful for us, how Xia the little terrorist has found new ways to stamp her authority around the house..the list is endless. 

What would you like to read this year?

This will be the 9th year running the blog and God knows a lot has changed in my life and yours too within that period. I can imagine someone who started reading me while in high school has now graduated from University and is running a show somewhere! (Hello Wanjiru 🙂 ) Some dropped off along the way, new people came on board. Still, we sail. And for this relationship to thrive, like any other healthy relationship, I would not want to assume that your needs are the same as they were 8 years ago. So, again I ask, what would you like to read? Please drop your wish in the comment section and I will happily oblige! You can also DM me on instagram, or even send me an email on

May the forces be with all of us. It’s going to be a phenomenal year, and I am not just saying this in the cliche fashion. I have a strong feeling about it!

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11 days ago

Glad to have you back.. would love to hear more about your career change, motherhood and some good and hard life lessons you have come across❤️

Waceke Kamau
Waceke Kamau
19 days ago

Am looking forward to more candid and raw conversations about life, travel, lifestyle… changes, growth, lessons, finding purpose… The last post you did in December was beautiful ….soooo candid and raw, I loved it. Some of us started reading your blog at 21 and we are now turning 30 in a month hahaha.. we had one baby and now the 2nd one is turning 5 in a few months… 9yrs is such a long time.
Happy new year Joy.

19 days ago

We keep sailing! Undergrad almost bagged🙈.
I’m here for all the career journey-transition content and your conversations with the witty Xena.

19 days ago

Glad to have you back.
On content- once in a while talk about something random. Otherwise I miss your marathon/fitness and travel content

19 days ago

Good to have you back Joy!!!

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